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City Engagement Photography – Urban Pre-Wedding Shoots

Couple Kisses with Boy Passing By


City Engagement Photography – Why the City?

Urban photography has long been a favourite of street and documentary photographers.  There are so many different elements that can be pulled together and utilised to produce some fantastic photographs.  From the architectural backdrops to the people that make up the city, urban photography has much to offer and much to say.

Photographing in the city is especially popular with newly-engaged couples looking to hire a photographer to shoot their engagement or pre-wedding photo session.  Often the city holds special memories for them, such as the place where they met or went to university.
I shoot primarily in London.  Thanks to publicity from the 2012 Olympic Games and the rich history London has to offer, more people are visiting than ever before.  I frequently get emails from couples internationally who are looking for a photographer to capture some special images of them on their trip to London and the UK.  And I’m very happy to oblige.


Gay Engagement Shoot with Rankin Photos


City Pre-Wedding Photo Shoots – The Beauty of the Urban Landscape:

What I really love about shooting in London and other cities is the potential for unusual and diverse shots.  From a pleasant walk by the Thames to  the energy and vibrancy of Waterloo Skate Park, London has something for everyone.  The parks offer a more rural feel with their city wildlife (see the squirrel picture below), trees and benches.

Many couples love Westminster Bridge and the Houses of Parliament as a historic backdrop.  There’s the iconic Battersea Power Station, Trafalgar Square, Carnaby Street, Tower Bridge and the Tower of London and numerous other wonderful locations for some splendid photos to be shot.


Pre-Wedding Shoot with Queen Elizabeth Tower - Big Ben


How I Work with Engaged Couples?:

When planning engagement shoots for my couples, it’s very important to understand exactly what they are looking for.  They usually have an idea of the places they want in the photographs so my first job is to advise and plan a route for them.

People are often very unsure how to act when they are in-front of a professional lens for the first time.  So when we first meet, I chat with them and reassure them that it’s not really that scary.  Then I put on a long zoom lens and tell them just to talk and interact for a while whilst I shoot from a distance.  They can kiss, laugh, hug or whatever.  The important thing is that they relax and loosen up for the later locations.  Open spaces such as a park are great for this.  Then they walk and I take some from the back, side, front.  We move on.
Sometimes the couple’s engagement shoot locations are fairly spread out.  This is fine as it gives a chance for photos in a black cab or on the Underground.  International couples especially love this.  Throughout the rest of the shoot, I take many shots – some close-up and others with a wide-angle to best utilise the background.  I then have plenty to play with during post-production.

For my FAQ’s and further information including prices, go here: Engagement Photographer in London.