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The groom punches the air as he leaves his Old Marylebone Town Hall wedding with his bride

Short weddings often also mean fewer people, but this doesn’t make them any less memorable. Here, the couple enjoys the moment as the guests throw the confetti outside London’s iconic Old Marylebone Town Hall.

Short Wedding Photography Packages for Under £500

I have come to specialise in short day wedding photography and micro-weddings:

I love to document all weddings, but there’s something very intimate and special about wedding days celebrated in a more low-key way.

I feel I am more “let-in”, and it gives me much more of a chance to focus on the individuals present and the personalities and relationships between them.

Brides (and even grooms sometimes) often comment on how intimate and emotive my wedding photographs seem with a very personal touch.  I think this is a reflection of how easy-going and joyful short and register office marriages are.

I cover short weddings in Cardiff, Bristol and London, but will consider other locations, so do get in touch to discuss your short wedding photography requirements.

The groom holds his bride at their short wedding in Fitzrovia Chapel in Central London - taken from the balcony.

Jemima and Simon’s wedding at the beautiful Fitzrovia Chapel was so small that they used two people that worked there as witnesses!

Many couples are on a strict budget (sometimes requiring a professional wedding photographer for under £500).

Planning a wedding on a budget will dictate how extravagant you can be when planning your wedding day.

It’s so nice to know that people are still willing to shell out for decent photographs worthy of the occasion despite limited funds.

Extreme confetti storm over couple on steps on Chelsea Old Town Hall

I’ve never known this much confetti in one photo at a wedding. It was a short wedding at Chelsea Old Town Hall, but they certainly made the most of the couple’s exit from the venue!

What is Micro-Wedding Photography?

Micro-weddings are generally considered weddings with up to 20 guests, usually very close family and friends.  They are usually shorter (typically 1-3 hours), often just the ceremony and an intimate meal afterwards.  The photographer may just be needed for the arrivals, ceremony, confetti and posed shots or be asked to attend the early part of the meal.  Some couples choose not to have their small wedding day photographed, whilst this is very important for others.

Even before 2020 and Covid-19, the need for short micro-wedding days rose, but the global pandemic has undoubtedly accelerated this. As a result, many engaged couples choose to marry first and celebrate later.  I embrace this and am happy to take short, intimate weddings, whether a Saturday in summer or a mid-week winter marriage.

Bride in pink shoes kisses smart groom in front of pink door with 'Love' written above it

Paulina & Wojciech met with me 2 hours before their civil marriage ceremony to have a pre-wedding photoshoot around the beautiful Chelsea area.

Top Short Wedding Photography Tip:

When choosing your wedding photographer, don’t go for the cheapest quote – pick the one that resonates best with you…

Whilst there are many cheap wedding photographers, this is one area where you get what you pay for.  If your wedding photography is important to you, don’t compromise on it!

Bride looking lovingly at her groom during her Westminster Register Office wedding ceremony

Ruth and Chris had only their witnesses present, but it was vital to have their short 1 hour wedding day photographed well.

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Newly-weds share their first kiss in Southwark Register Office for their wedding

Danielle & Mitchell booked me for just 2 hours: It was ample time to photograph the arrivals, ceremony, congratulations, posed shots afterwards, and their passionate first kiss!  At many larger weddings, an image like this would be more challenging to achieve.

I deliver natural, creative and affordable wedding photography to a high standard, which suits people on a lower budget or who need fewer hours covering.

Micro-wedding ceremonies with a small reception are becoming ever more popular, and many couples need to book their photographer for just 1 hour!

Newly-weds with Champagne at Old Marylebone Town Hall Wedding

Jennie and Andrew had only a handful of guests at their short wedding day in London, but it was no less memorable. Quick weddings are very popular with the more mature couple and those doing it for a second time.

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Couple laughing as they are showered with confetti by guest

Many couples booking a photographer for their reduced hours’ wedding want an excellent natural record of their day. Marcin and Shweta only needed me for 1 hour.  Even just one guest throwing the confetti can produce a fun and dynamic image.


*Starting from 1 Hour Photography Coverage*


2 Hours Coverage:


1.5 Hours Coverage:


1 Hour Coverage:


Extra Hours above 2 – £120/hour

Prices include natural photographic coverage of all the key moments.  Photos edited in a mixture of colour & black and white and supplied by upload for easy download.

Silver Heart-Shaped USB Stick with Highlights Slide Show and a Soundtrack of your choice – £95

The grooms laughing at their same-sex Southwark Register Office wedding

Andy & Chris’ LGBTQ wedding was full of fun with just a few of their closest friends present.

Bride's sister hugs her after wedding ceremony

Micro-weddings are full of very precious moments – this is just one of them! – Wedding at Castell Coch near Cardiff.

Short Wedding at Morden Park House

Short weddings often take place in register offices and town halls. They are usually small but light and ideal for taking some stunning up-close photographs such as this one where the bride with her mother and baby daughter walk down the aisle.

Good Value Wedding Photographers

Couples frequently contact me who are having a short wedding day. They often require good value, limited-time wedding photography for only one, two or three hours.

These may be couples for whom the wedding day photography isn’t a big deal, but they still want the key events documenting. It’s often a small party of guests made up purely of very close family and friends.

The bride enters the Mayoral Room at Bristol Register Office with parents in face masks

Many couples chose to go for short wedding coverage due to COVID-19 marriage restrictions. Here, Georgia enters her ceremony at Bristol Register Office with her masked parents.

Sometimes, they plan to have a more elaborate celebration after the wedding day itself.

Some engaged couples need a photographer for just two hours (or less in some instances). Many photographers refuse to take time-limited weddings for fear of missing out on full days. I feel that they are missing out and am very happy to take weddings of 1 hour upwards.

Wedding confetti at short wedding outside Fitzrovia Chapel in London

The Fitzrovia Chapel is ideal for a shorter wedding. It is one of London’s hidden gems, and they offer a 1.5-hour wedding and champagne reception package.

Short Weddings are Some of the Loveliest

I have shot many 2-hour micro-weddings where the only people present were the couple and their witnesses.  They often end up being the loveliest of weddings, and I feel privileged to be in attendance.

It means I can concentrate more closely on the characters present and their relationship to each other.

They’ve all been delighted with the finished photographs, and I am happy to accommodate your need for a short wedding photographer (length of time, not size!!).

The bride and groom looking at each other with registrar reading at Old Marylebone Town Hall wedding in London

I love to capture shots from various positions, and intimate marriage ceremonies are ideal for this.  Couples rarely notice my presence.

Read More – Venues Ideal for Short Weddings>>

Cardiff City Hall

The Celtic Manor Resort, Newport

Stoke Newington Town Hall

Reduced Hours Wedding Speeches in Cardiff

Sometimes shorter weddings include the meal and speeches. Some couples bring their speeches forwards to accommodate photography. The time required for the pre-ceremony arrivals through to the speeches is around 5-6 hours.

Short Wedding Photography for Senior Couples

Other people requiring less wedding coverage may be more mature, having married before.

The day is no less important to them than the first time, and this is why they want a good photographer. They don’t need all the trimmings of a church wedding or full-day celebrations.  A register office ceremony and intimate meal with loved ones mean much more to them than a lavish ‘do’.

Often mature couples book me for only 1 hour to photograph just the ceremony and a few posed shots.  They usually take place mid-week or out-of-season, so I’m pleased to cater for these minimal days if I can.

Short Wedding Ceremony at Islington Town Hall

Micro-weddings often mean the ability to photograph more intimate moments. Fewer guests and the day’s relaxed nature made for some fantastic short-day wedding photography shots, such as at this ceremony at Islington Town Hall.

Typical Part-Day Wedding Photography Coverage

But whatever the reason, many couples require time-limited coverage of the ceremony itself.

On short days, things usually start for me about 20 minutes before the ceremony, giving me a chance to gather some scene-setting and arrival shots at the venue.  I’ll then stay on to capture some congratulations and posed group shots after the ceremony.

It’s not very often that couples that have booked church weddings require limited coverage, but I am pleased to cover these.

Couple holding hands sitting across two benches with St Luke's Church in Chelsea as a backdrop

Paulina and Wojciech didn’t have their short wedding at this London church, but it was close to their register office venue and provided a lovely backdrop for some photos.

Just be aware that the ceremony will go on for up to an hour or more, and there will likely be more guests. So I suggest no less than 3 hours’ coverage for a church wedding – but ultimately, it’s up to you.

I am always happy to stay longer if needed!

Bridal party arriving at Old Marylebone Town Hall

The bride and her entourage arrive at their short town hall wedding in London.  At register offices, there can be a high turnover of weddings.  Here, a previous marriage is just finishing up in the background.

Most small weddings take place in register offices or civil marriage venues.

The average time for a civil ceremony is around 15-25 minutes.

Each register office tends to have its own set of packages to choose from, from the very basic to the more extended, featuring readings, music and a much more personal touch.  I strongly recommend going for the latter if your budget allows.

Couples always tell me how fast their ceremony seems to go, so the more you include and moments your photographer can capture for you, the better.

Wedding couple standing in front of autumnal tree

Every bride and groom want some lovely portraits of them as a couple. So when I’m there for a limited time, I’m always sure to make time for the posed photographs.

After the newlyweds exit the venue as husband and wife, I take confetti shots (where allowed) and group portraits outside the wedding venue.  Where confetti is not permitted, bubbles have become increasingly popular.

Sometimes, I accompany the micro-wedding party to a reception meal afterwards and even stay to photograph the speeches, usually requiring 3-4 hours coverage. However, the couple sometimes brings forward the speeches, which means I don’t have to attend for quite as long, reducing the costs further.

Bridesmaid with back to camera hugs elderly male relative who is smiling at the photographer

At the wedding arrivals: A precious shot of young greeting old.

A Word About COVID-19 Wedding Photography Restrictions

**Since I wrote this, Coronavirus restrictions have eased across the UK.  However, some venues are sticking with the rules for the foreseeable future, so check with them before booking.**

In 2020, everything changed, with Coronavirus, forcing many to cancel, reschedule or shorten their planned wedding celebrations.  I have worked with many couples to ensure that their day still runs as smoothly as possible, despite new restrictions that were previously unimaginable.  With area lockdowns, mask requirements and reduced guest capacity, nothing seems sure anymore.  But many couples are choosing a small wedding ceremony now and will have a more significant celebration when things get back to normal.

My advice is to run with it.  It is what it is, and there is no reason why it should spoil your short wedding day.  There is more information and tips on my COVID-19 Wedding Ceremony Page.

Boy with finger on face looks into Lantern Room whilst masked grandparents watch on in Bristol

Coronavirus isn’t all doom and gloom and can produce some fun shots such as this in Bristol.

1 Hour Wedding Photography Coverage

So I do specialise in smaller parties who require short day wedding photography. The average time needed is 2-3 hours – anything 5 hours and below is considered a short or half-day.

However, I can start photography coverage from as little as 1 hour.

If you require just one-hour coverage or ceremony only photography, don’t hesitate to contact me to discuss. Also, sometimes couples only need 1-hour photography, and I may be able to accommodate.

An hour may suit couples that need to book their wedding photographer at the last minute or if you are having their ceremony mid-week.  But whatever day of the week or time of year, please inquire, as I would love to help you.

Wedding Couple Kissing Outside Tom's Kitchen

At weddings as short as 2 hours, I often have the chance to go to the reception venue with the couple. I can take some portraits and natural photos of the pre-meal drinks before leaving them to enjoy the rest of the day.

Short Wedding Day FAQ’s



A. I class a short wedding as anything from 1 hour for just the ceremony to 4 hours from the preparations to the early reception.  I generally start wedding photography coverage from 2 hours but will consider an hour.  This suits couples who only want the ceremony photographing and a few arrivals and posed shots afterwards.  Look on my page for full details of my reduced hours’ package and pricing.



A. No, absolutely not. I plan for both in the same way.  The key moments are the same, and it’s crucial to capture everything that goes on.  However, I’m conscious that the couple will receive fewer photos, making it all the more important to shoot as many moments and memories as I can.



A.  I love so much about them.  I tend to be more involved with the couple and seem to get to know them (and the guests) better by the end of the day. So I can focus more on the individuals present without worrying if I have taken a shot of everyone.



A. No, not at all.  Many photographers wouldn’t take them on weekends over the summer, but I think it a shame not to.  It’s first come, first served bookings with me!



A. If you decide you needed longer than you’ve booked, I’ll be able to stay on.  I always liaise with couples at the end of the day to check that I’ve covered everything they need and see if they do want me to stay on to photograph more.

Group portrait outside Southwark Town Hall with guests waving

A happy wedding portrait of the whole party at a short wedding in South London. The couple only needed me for 2 hours.

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Bride Signing the Register at Fitzrovia Chapel Wedding

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