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Last Minute Wedding Photographer – with Late Booking Discount

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Last Minute Wedding Photographer Needed?  Don’t Panic!

(Shhh! Don’t tell everyone but there’s a short notice discount offered further down the page).

The average time for a couple to book their wedding photographer is around six months to a year in advance.  The shortest notice I’ve ever had to prepare for shooting a wedding was around five days.  I didn’t mind this at all.  I’ve found that the shorter notice weddings are often the most relaxed and easy going.

If you find yourself in the position of needing a wedding photographer at short notice, do your research and then phone one; or several.  Most photographers’ are only too happy to take last minute work if they are still available.  I actively encourage it as it can fit in very nicely around other things.  If I happen not to be free, I have some good and reliable photographer friends that I can recommend.



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Late Booking Tips and Ideas.

Even though your wedding may be short notice and may seem like a rush, don’t skimp on your research and the finer details.  Find time to meet your photographer or other vendor just as you would if you had months to go.  If you really can’t find schedule a meeting, a lengthy phone call will suffice.  The important thing is that you feel comfortable with your chosen photographer.  Personalities really do play a big part.  Obviously appreciating their vision and style helps too.

Testimonials and reviews can also be reassuring that you’re making the right choice.  There are many on my photography reviews page and all the couples listed are happy to be contacted by you.  Just ask me for their contact details.


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Some couples are still undecided quite late on as to whether or not they even need a photographer.  They may feel they haven’t the budget or that it’s not important.  They may recruit a relative or friend with a decent camera to get the shots.  My advice is not to.  A dedicated wedding photographer knows what to look for and how to take images that truly capture the best of your day.  The money might seem a lot now, but your photographs will last a lifetime.  If you really can’t afford a photographer’s then tell them your budget.  You might be able to meet halfway.  This is especially true of late bookings.


And now for my short notice wedding photography discount…

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Last Minute Wedding Photography – 10% Discount

If you book me with six weeks or less to go, I will give you a full 10% off my full day website wedding prices.

You must mention this offer at the time of booking.  Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer or discount.

If you would like to chat with me about booking your short notice wedding photographer? Please contact me to discuss your requirements in further detail…



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Last Minute Wedding Photographers.