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Portrait Photographer – Portraits & Head Shots in Cardiff & South Wales

Sunny Photo Shoot - Girl Walking and Laughing

In these times of Facebook, online dating and personal websites, there is more of a call than ever for professional portrait photography. It is so important to ‘get it right’ in order to make a good first impression. A professional head-shot photographer will instinctively know how to bring out the best of your features in order to make the right impact.

I provide an easy service to supply you with the head shots and portraits you require for whatever you need them for. I’ll travel to your Cardiff/South Wales home (or meet somewhere mutual such as a park) and spend up to two hours photographing you with various backgrounds and looking your natural best! I can also take time to photograph you doing an activity that you enjoy (such as playing an instrument, reading or walking the dog) and will say more about you – a mini ‘lifestyle’ shoot if you like!

I edit in a mixture of colour and black and white, as I think suits the individual photograph.  This may also be discussed when we meet.

My approach is very much person centred and I realise that many people are self-conscious about their appearance. I’m happy to take things slowly and work at the speed that you’re comfortable with. The important thing is that we finish with a set of headshots and full length portrait photographs that work for you.

Lifestyle Photography in Green Park




For a shoot of 1-2 hours in a location(s) of your choice with all edited files provided by upload.