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Guy Milnes:

Professional Photographer in London & Cardiff

Hello, my name's Guy - thanks for dropping by!


That's me there with my lovely little boy, George (he's grown now! - and my hair's been cut...). It sums up perfectly who I am, and I think that's what photography should do. That photo could help us get to know each other, which is vital as I could play a part in the most special day of your life!


Family is important to me, so whatever you want me to photograph (wedding day, birthday party, engagement, cat, dog, parrot!), I can fully empathise and will try to see things through your eyes. I realise everyone is different, and most people haven't hired a professional photographer before, so I'm here to guide you through the process... From the planning to that beautiful moment you see your images for the first time!


I will always be on hand to answer your questions and help with any issues that may arise. We need to gain trust - this forms the basis of my work ethic.


I enjoy most forms of photography, particularly if it is family orientated. Children's Birthday Party Photography is particularly popular these days, as are short 1-2 hour weddings.

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A Relaxed Approach

Groom spinning bride around and bride laughing

If you read through my reviews page, you'll find that a recurring comment is how relaxed, yet professional I am in my approach. Here are a few of my favourite quotes from wedding couples that I have photographed:


"He is polite, professional and nothing is too much trouble..."


"We loved the way in which he managed to capture so much "life" in each one of the photos."


"...offered advice and made us feel so comfortable..."


"...so many comments from guests afterwards about how professional, efficient and friendly he was "


"...gently steered us and everybody else in the right direction when it was necessary."


"...we wanted relaxed and fun pictures, and we certainly got them!"


"He played a major part of calming my nerves before the wedding."


"It didn't feel like he was just the photographer, but he was as equally invested in the day as we were!"


"...extraordinarily easy to work with..."


"...felt assured from my first email with Guy that we'd made the right choice."


"...we love our photos; they are totally "us". "


I am proud of each one of my reviews, and they perfectly reflect how I approach the wedding day before, during and after the wedding day celebrations.


Bride Kissing Groom in Rossetti Room
Bride Looking Embarrassed During Wedding Speeches in Cardiff
Couple laughing outside Parish church of St Luke in Chelsea

Guy Milnes Photography in the Spotlight

On booking a couple for their wedding, I send them a questionnaire about their day. So now I'm turning the tables on myself and have set some questions for me...

Job Title?

Guy Milnes Photography with Baby Son in Swimming Pool

Photographer. Wedding Photographer.

Engagement photographer. Lifestyle Photographer.

Daddy!!! I do other things as well...

What other Things?

The Muppets 2 - Girl Extra Portrait in Director's Chair

I have some quiet times, especially during winter. So to fill that time, I chaperone children on film and TV sets. One of the first films I worked on was 'Les Miserables'. It was a fantastic experience. It's fascinating to watch how it's all filmed and put together. I get to hang out with the cool kids too!

What did You do in Your Previous Life?

Guy Milnes Sitting on Back of Minibus with Teenager

I worked as a manager in 'Woolworth's' (remember them?) through the 90s. Then in 2001, I moved from Lancashire to Surrey to work with children with epilepsy and other special needs, where I was for 7 years. I loved it!

So Why Photography?

Guy Milnes with Baby Son Looking Surprised

Seven years working in care was great but long enough for me. Whilst there I bought a decent camera and took pictures of the children for their parents. They used to say that I should charge for them. I didn't then, but when I left thought, "Why not?" So I moved to London and did it!!

What do You Enjoy About Wedding Photography?

Bride and father entering church for wedding

Everything! The days can be long, but they are terrific fun. I love the atmosphere and visiting new places. It's a real privilege to spend the day with a couple who are committing to each other, embarking on a new stage of their lives. I never lose sight of that...

But What do You Most Enjoy?

Bride celebrating with groom outside register office in London

That's a tough one... But after much thought, I think the moment I hear back from a couple who tell me how much they love and cherish their photos. Hearing words like, "We will treasure our photos for the rest of our lives!" really brings home the importance of what I'm documenting.

What's the Thing You Like Least?

Bride signing wedding register at venue in London

Not being able to get a shot for the couple due to venue restrictions. Things like a ban on photographing the signing of the register or no use of artificial light. I can get around these things, but the important thing is to document the day naturally and with minimal intervention and restrictions.

So are you Married?

No, ironically, I have never got round to it. I live on my own in a lovely cottage in South Wales, sharing custody with my little boy, George, who lives nearby.

I still have a base in London and split my time between the two.

Why Wales?

Little Boy Carrying Sheet of Ice Near Puddle in Field

We lived in London for many years, and it's where I built up my photography business. But when George came along, we saw the value in living somewhere more peaceful and less polluted. I'm very active in London, and about 70% of my work is still there.

What do you Enjoy Doing When not Working?

Little boy in bobble hat looking closely at branch holding magnifying glass

Photography strangely, although not as much as before I started professionally. I enjoy family time and exploring the countryside near where we live. We're also in the process of redecorating the house, so that is taking up time too. My biggest joy is watching George thrive and grow.

Who is the Most Famous Person You have ever Met?

Kenneth Williams Black and White Portrait

I looked after a little boy on the set of 'Mission Impossible 5' and met Tom Cruise. I also met Dustin Hoffman whilst doing extras work as a chef on the film 'Quartet'. But the person I met that means the most to me meeting was Kenneth Williams when I was 9. If only I'd known what an icon of British comedy he was.

Who Would You Most Like to Have Dinner With?

Charlie Chaplin & Buster Keaton Black and White Portraits

Everyone that I most admire is now dead. But theoretically, I'd love to have sat down to dinner with Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton. I've always loved silent comedy from an early age. They were true artists and pioneers, paving the way for everything to come. And probably a reason why I love black and white photography now.

What Did You Want to be When You Grew Up?

Little boy dressed as policeman

For years, I wanted to be in the police. I even filled out the application form. But that wore off when I realised that it wasn't all chasing baddies. The gory side of it was something I would find impossible to deal with.

I also wanted to be a writer. I loved creative writing and regularly wrote stories. Doing something creative has always been in my blood...

Hello, photography!

Who are Your Favourite Authors?

Pen on Sheet Music for Wedding - Poco a Poco Piu Animato

As a boy, I became friends with an author who lived in the village. Aidan Chambers writes contemporary fiction for teenagers. I used to take some of my stories around to show him, and he gave me good feedback. Some of his books meant a lot to me while I was finding myself at that age, especially 'The Toll Bridge'.

I also went through a phase of reading everything that Stephen King wrote.

Where Did You Grow Up?

Small boy walking between two trees in the countryside

We moved to the Cotswolds when I was 2. I grew up in a village near Stroud called South Woodchester. It was an idyllic childhood full of long summers and adventures in rolling countryside and snowy winter walks. Very much like something from an Enid Blyton story.

Professional Photographer in Cardiff & London


Just as I’d like you to get to know me, I’d like to get to know you too.

I’ve scattered bits and pieces throughout my site, so have a good look around and hopefully, you’ll want to pick up the phone or fill in my contact form to get in touch and tell me about you and what you need.

I’m a Wedding Photographer predominantly covering Cardiff, London and Bristol,  but would love to chat with you wherever your wedding or shoot might be.  So if you like my style, please get in touch wherever you are.

Away from the fun and excitement of the wedding day or other photographic engagements, being a photographer can be a solitary profession. To counter this, I work as a chaperone and do extra work on films and TV. It helps keep me fresh and gets me out to new and exciting places.

I especially value the chaperoning work as working with children helps keep me in touch with my sense of fun.

One assignment I had was to chaperone 8 adults with disabilities for Channel 4 documentaryKitchen Impossible‘ with Michel Roux.  I took my camera along on one of the episodes, and as a result, the producers asked me to shoot the behind the scenes’ photography for the rest of the series. Below is one of my photos used in Channel 4’s social media advertising.

Click here to read my story behind shooting the series

Publicity Photograph for Kitchen Impossible - Michel Roux with Girl Pointing at Camera - by Guy Milnes Photography

Michel Roux set up a pop-up stall at Taste of London. Here, he and Beth spot me photographing them, and I take this natural fun shot used by Channel 4 for publicity.

In 2012, it took me to South-east Asia for a documentary for CBBC where I had the good fortune to have been asked to do some publicity shots.

I took the below photograph whilst there, and I think it perfectly illustrates the kind of decisive moment that I constantly strive for with my documentary style.

Stacey Dooley with Children Trying Thai Street Food in Show Me What You're Made of Documentary

Presenter Stacey Dooley and the children try some Thai street food (crickets) in Bangkok for the documentary. This reaction from Stacey says it all.

Finally, here I am doing extras work in ‘The King’s Speech’:

Adrian Scarborough with Guy Milnes in The King's Speech Opening SceneColin Firth Being Congratulated After The King's Speech by Supporting Artist Guy Milnes

I’d Love to Hear From You...
Contact Me to Discuss Your Photographic Needs!

I’d Love to Hear From You...
Contact Me to Discuss Your Photography Needs!

Email me, fill in the form below or phone 07947 613070 any time
to chat about all of your photography requirements.

To find out more about how we might work together, visit my ‘Wedding Photography FAQ’s ‘ page…

Pen on Sheet Music for Wedding - Poco a Poco Piu Animato

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Wedding Photographer in London, Bristol & Cardiff

Guy Milnes Photography is based between London and Cardiff, covering South Wales, Bristol, London and the home counties.
He has been a professional photographer since 2008 and loves to capture the wedding day's atmosphere as it unfolds naturally.


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