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Chapter 8

Ultimate Guide to


Wedding Transport & Travel Between Venues


Vintage car with bride & groom reflected in spare tyre

An experimental shot I took in Richmond Park. A good example of how to use the transport to enhance the photos.

I covered the bridal arrivals in an earlier chapter but here I’m going deeper into popular modes of transport used for weddings and how I go about photographing it.  So this chapter delves into ways guests can get efficiently from A to B when schedules and timings are tight.  Where there’s often 100+ guests to ferry between wedding venues in a small time-frame this can seem a logistical nightmare.  But there are ways to ease the transition.

Bride's grandfather taking photo with phone of guests in car with bride watching

I took this from a vintage Rolls-Royce leaving the preparations. Taken from the inside, I framed the chauffeur, grandfather and bride Emma perfectly whilst her brother looked on.

Grandfather standing outside Rolls Royce with Chauffeur and bride seated

And at the other end outside the wedding venue, St Martin’s Church in Caerphilly. This shows the importance of the bride’s arrival and method of travel to the venue.

Blue Wedding Rolls Royce with Bridesmaids in blue dresses

No prizes for guessing the colour scheme at this vibrant wedding! The couple put a lot of thought into it and everything matched – right down to the groom’s shoelaces!

A Short Interlude in the Day

There’s sometimes a break in proceedings as the bridal party and their guests move on elsewhere for the reception and wedding breakfast.  Often, the same venue hosts the ceremony and reception.  In this case much of this does not apply (so turn to Chapter 9).  But where wedding ceremonies are either register office or church based, there is a need to efficiently move on.

Ford Zephyr from window of other car at traffic lights

Here, the couple were chauffeured in the Ford Zephyr. I travelled with some guests and took the opportunity at the traffic lights to photograph the bridal car.  Usually, I try to avoid my reflection in mirrors, but in this case, I think it gives the photo a more documentary and dynamic edge.

The photographer has several options during travel time between venues… If they are driving, they will have their own transport and can travel independently (in which case some of this doesn’t apply). Personally, I don’t drive to weddings as it frees me up to concentrate more on photography at this time.  Whether I travel with the couple or guests or both, I enjoy the freedom to continuing shooting the day as it unfolds.

Wedding guests boarding green Routemaster bus outside church

Where there’s alcohol involved, people are reluctant to drive. A decommissioned wedding Routemaster bus is often the answer.

Routemaster Buses for Efficient Travel

I often find myself boarding a red Routemaster bus.  A popular option to transport many guests easily, the Routemaster enables me to take some fun and natural shots of the journey.  I’m usually allowed to move around between floors and try to take photos of everyone on board.  This is the time that the majority of official duties are over, so everyone relaxes and there’s often a crate of Champagne.

Couple on Wedding Bus Using Fan in Heat

Photography aboard a moving double-decker isn’t always easy and I’m quite reliant on traffic lights and slow moving traffic to help me out. The bridesmaid turned the fan on me after this. I needed it – it was a hot day!

4 man and a boy on top deck of wedding Routemaster bus

I had fun with this in the edit… Things weren’t quite this vibrant in reality, but I emphasised the reds mainly due to the clothes and beard of the chap on the right.

Tip: Hire a bus for your guests and have the driver take a tour round some popular landmarks (easier in big cities such as London and Cardiff). This gives you extra time alone or for some couples portraits. It will also be nice for the guests particularly if they are from out of town. Ensure there is alcohol on-board to start the party early! Of course, you could always travel with them too so as not to miss out on the fun.

Open Top Bus Tour at Wedding with Big Ben in Background

Mark and Damion planned a fantastic day. After their ceremony on the London Eye, they took everyone on a tour of Central London.

On the Move in the Bridal Car

If the bride arrives at the ceremony in a Rolls-Royce or other vintage/classic car, it’s a shame not to utilise the vehicle later on so that the Groom can enjoy it too.  Many couples hire their wedding car to stay with them until they reach the reception venue and then allow time for a few portraits with it too.

Bride and groom in back of vintage car after their wedding ceremony

I took this from the driver’s seat just as they were about to leave the church. I shot a sequence but liked this most for the natural feel.

Three female relatives posing for camera inside a wedding limousine

When travelling with the bridal party in a limousine, things are really fun. I took this quick portrait on the way from the preparations to the ceremony venue.

Sometimes we can stop off en route to get some posed and natural shots of them together. We may pass many attractive backdrops for this or can take a detour somewhere local.  Plan a route somewhere that means something special to you as a couple, but do check this is OK with your driver beforehand.  The chauffeur is usually happy to help with this, and I am only too happy to travel in style.

Bride and Groom Toasting in Back of Wedding Car

Luxury car hire companies usually provide Champagne as part of the package. Travelling with Annabel and James meant I could capture them having some quiet time and a drink together.

The Register Office Taxi

Short weddings at register offices often see the couple at the side of the road hailing a taxi or three.  This happens a lot in London.  Usually, the reception is only a short drive down the King’s Road but the taxi is preferable to walking when you’re wearing a wedding dress.

The look on Lindsay’s face is one of pure excitement as she arrives with her father at her register office wedding in a black cab. I made the journey from the preparations with them.

So, there are many options for your wedding photography travel. I’ve listed a few here, but there are numerous ways to reflect your personalities through your choice of wedding transport. If you need to move around on your day, it’s well worth putting some thought into.

Wedding Cans Trailing Behind Blue Ford Fiesta

Cans tied to the back of the car used to be a wedding tradition but this is the only time I’ve photographed it happening. Couples used to leave after dinner to go on their honeymoon, but these days stick around and party long into the evening.

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