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The Antenna Diner Review – Living South Magazine – July 2014


The editor of Living South asked me to take a few pictures for a review she was doing of the new American diner in Crystal Palace. I told her I’d probably eat there too and she asked me to do the review. Here it is…


Antenna Diner Crystal Palace Review



Crystal Palace Food Market – The Guardian May 2014


Being very local community minded, I believe it’s important to use one’s skills to help support local community projects.  One such project was the Crystal Palace Food Market.  I photographed both the opening day and the first anniversary.  The Guardian published an article highlighting the re-emergence of food markets and used  my picture of the opening day (below).


Guardian Article on London Markets



Tipsy Garden and Hop Planting Project – Living South Resident Magazine and The Power of Just Doing Stuff Book – June 2013


I was contacted to photograph the first hop planting at the new Tipsy Garden – part of the Grape and Grain pub.  As part of the Transition Town Project, hops were to be sold to local residents and eventually brewed into the Palace Pint.  Two of the photographs later appeared in Living South Resident Magazine.  Mine are the centre top and bottom ones below.

Later, I had a phone call from Rob Hopkins, founder of the Transition Town movement, asking if he could use a photo for his new book.  The picture of the boy standing next to a planter is mine too.


Living South Resident Tipsy Garden Article


Transition Town Book Photo



CBBC Documentary Photographs August 2012


In the summer of 2012, I had the good fortune to be asked to chaperone on a documentary series for CBBC.  The producers also asked if I could take some publicity photographs for them.  I was in my element taking pure documentary shots as we travelled across Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia.

Unfortunately, due to ridiculous contractual obligations, I am unable to use the photos for personal use.  The contract (which I refused to sign) also states that I am not allowed to say that I took the photos.  My chaperoning contract briefly covered intellectual property, so instead of  facing any problems I have decided to abide by the contract that I refused to sign.  Apart from acknowledging that I took them… I refuse not to!


CBBC Documentary Children



Crystal Palace Overground Festival – Bromley Times June 2012

For three years I have covered the Overground Festival in Crystal Palace, South London.  These photos are from the Bromley Times review from my second year.  Opening proceedings was local resident Jim Bob from my favourite band of the 90’s, Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine who it was an honour to photograph

Disclaimer:  I did not photograph the smiling couple below, and I’m not aware they even attended the festival!


Bromley Times Overground Festival Review



Overground Festival – Your Croydon June 2012

To coincide with the 2012 festival, Inside Croydon Magazine used a picture from my 2011 coverage for their cover.  The woman in the middle was originally holding a beer bottle, but the editor thought this not good for the family image, so a soft drink was superimposed on top.


Inside Croydon Cover Picture - Crystal Palace


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