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Wedding Photography at De Courceys Manor, Cardiff


Winner of the the ‘Best Wedding Venue East Wales Region
at the ‘Welsh Nation Wedding Awards 2019‘.


Bride and groom dancing under DeCourceys Manor venue sign

The De Courceys Manor sign on the building’s side is the first thing you’ll see as you approach the house. It makes a perfect backdrop for some wedding portraits.

“Wedding Celebrations You Have Dreamed Of…”


The De Courceys Manor Mission Statement:


De Courceys Manor is dedicated to continually improving the quality of bespoke experiences we can offer our guests, combining the historic quality of a beautiful venue with the highest in modern day hospitality standards, guaranteed by our independent, family-run passion.


I agree with all of that wholeheartedly.

The management and staff at De Courceys care very much that everything is spot-on. From the morning preparations in the Bridal Apartment, they are there to ensure that your big day goes without a hitch right through to the first dance and evening entertainment.

Guests talking in conservatory of DeCourceys Manor

De Courceys Manor has plenty of attractive spaces ideal for guests to relax. The venue is very photogenic too. This space used to be outside, but now has a glass ceiling allowing beautiful light to pour in.

A Great Location for Weddings Just Outside Cardiff


De Courceys Manor is situated very conveniently off the M4 just north of Cardiff and just west of Radyr.

Apart from the motorway running nearby, its location south of the Welsh valleys is mainly rural with plenty of greenery and beautiful countryside.

The venue benefits from the grounds, perfect for the newly-weds to stroll and find locations for their wedding portraits.

DeCourceys Manor Wedding Photography Portrait of Family

The Bridal Suite has a wonderful balcony allowing outdoor shots when the bride, her bridesmaids and close family are ready – but away from prying eyes!

Build Your Own>> Bespoke Cardiff Wedding Photography Package

Hair and Makeup for bride at DeCourceys Manor Wedding

Liz had her hair and makeup in the apartment’s kitchen. There are many other suitable spots to have it done within the large suite.

The Bridal Apartment/Pamper & Prep Suite


The Bridal Apartment comes as part of your wedding package and is available to use from the morning preparations. It is somewhere for the couple to retire to at the end of the day.

The venue has just announced their Pamper & Prep Suite featuring luxury accommodation for up to 8 guests, a dedicated space and Hollywood mirrors for hair and make-up, a private garden, and even a hot tub!  I look forward to photographing the bridal preparations there at my next wedding at de Courceys.

Being just upstairs from where the guests arrive means that the photographer can move freely between photographing the bride getting ready and the groom greeting the guests – (most probably) enjoying a nerve-steadying drink in the bar.

Bride's mum fastening dress in bridal suite at DeCourceys Manor

The bride’s mum makes the wedding dress’s final adjustments in one of the four double bedrooms.

Guest Accommodation at De Courceys Manor


As well as the Bridal Apartment/Pamper & Prep Suite there are 9 cottages in the grounds (7 double and 2 families) for guests that need to stay overnight.

It’s not a hotel in the traditional sense, so this helps those who live a distance away and guests who want to drink.  Breakfast is available the following morning too!

Groom greeting an elderly guest at wedding

Moments such as this are priceless. The groom greeting his guests downstairs in the Atrium goes on simultaneously to the bridal preparations.  It’s useful to have quick access to both areas.

The Function Suites


There are two function suites at De Courceys.  Wedding parties may use one or both.  I’ve photographed a wedding there that used one suite for the ceremony and meal. The other for the evening entertainment and dancing, minimalising the time needed to transition from the daytime to evening events and works well.

Both suites are beautiful and elegant and perfect for any aspect of your wedding day.

Function Suite Wedding at De Courceys Manor

This overview of the groom and guests awaiting the bride’s arrival shows off the beauty and elegance of one of the function rooms where both the ceremony and meal were held.

De Courceys Manor Weddings


Useful to Know When Booking Your Wedding:

        • The venue caters comfortably for up to 130 guests.
        • When you book the venue, it is yours for the day.  You do not have to compete with other events or guests.
        • Private tours are arranged by calling the Wedding Team on 029 2089 2232 or emailing enquiries@decourceys.co.uk.
        • The De Courceys Manor Website is a wealth of information, and you can download a brochure.  That link will take you straight there.
        • De Courceys is independently owned and prides itself on a top-notch personal approach and first-class service.
        • It was voted ‘The Foodie Venue‘ by Wales Online and appears in Trip Advisor‘s Top 20 Best Restaurants in Wales.
        • You can organise a meeting with the Head Chef to personalise your dishes.
        • The Manor also caters for anniversaries, birthdays, corporate events and charity dinners.

The groom and guests wait in a function suite at DeCourceys Manor near Cardiff

A closer view of the room’s front: The lovely lighting is beneficial for taking beautiful photographs worthy of your wedding day.

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DeCourceys Manor Wedding Photo of Groom with Best Men

Groom Rory looks remarkably relaxed whilst his groomsmen share a joke.

Cambria String Quartet at Wedding

There is room at the back of the suite for live musicians to play during appropriate moments of the ceremony. String quartet Cambria played as the bride entered the room.

The Bride’s Entrance


When the time finally comes for the bride to walk down the aisle, the staff will help and guide every step of the way.

A manager comes to collect the bridal party from their suite and escort them through the building to the ceremony room.  I like to photograph this procession as it can make a nice sequence in the album…  I like sequences of photographs!

Bridesmaids Enter the Function Suite Wedding at De Courceys Manor

The bridesmaids enter the room first. Their dresses and bouquets perfectly match the colour scheme of the function suite here.

Bride with father walks into ceremony room

Bride Liz’s face is full of anticipation as she walks down the aisle with her father.

Reading at wedding in DeCourceys Manor, Cardiff

A registrar gives the first reading. As with any civil marriage ceremony, all readings must have no religious connotations.  Whether it’s family members or the registrar who read – the choice is yours.

Couple holding hands at wedding ceremony in DeCourceys Manor

During the ceremony, I move around discreetly to photograph the couple from different angles. I have never had a couple say that I was distracting. At this point, they are always so ‘in the moment’.

Page boy hands over rings at wedding

A page boy presents the rings. It’s always a special moment when close family members play a part during the ceremony.

The Cardiff Registrars and the Wedding Ceremony


Apart from the signing (see below) the registrars are very amenable and conscious that the couple wants good photo coverage of their day.  They are very relaxed and happy for the photographer to move around throughout.  The function rooms at De Courceys Manor have plenty of space to change position and take photos from all angles.

I always ask couples’ to slow down during this decisive part of the day.  They can be nervous and in a rush to get the rings on and have their first kiss.  Don’t be!  The longer things take, the more chance the photographer has to take a great selection of images.

Bride places ring on groom's finger at DeCourceys Manor

The exchange of rings is the decisive moment of the wedding. With no beginning or end, the ring is a symbol of infinity.

First Kiss at wedding with registrar clapping

The first kiss is a critical moment for a photographer to capture. I always tell couples to slow down here to enable me to get the shot. I love the cheeky smile on the registrar’s face in this photo.

Wedding guests watching in front row of ceremony

Traditionally each side of the family sits on either side of the aisle. The closest family members sit in the front row, so I always try to photograph them. It helps give a complete view as to how the day was.

Groom Signing Register with Large Bay Windows

The Cardiff registrars don’t allow me to photograph the register as some do. But they set up a ‘dummy’ register afterwards.

Signing the Wedding Register & Photography


There aren’t many parts of the day when photography is restricted, but the signing may be one of them.  The Cardiff registrars are strict that no photos all allowed of the signing.  Some register offices do allow this, but Cardiff applies the rule with no flexibility.

I think this is a shame as I prefer to capture natural moments, but have to abide by the rules.

There is more on this aspect of the day in Chapter 5 of my Wedding Photography GuideSigning the Register – Rules and Discretion.

Guests Photographing Register Signing at DeCourceys Manor Wedding

Anything that goes on during the day is worth photographing. It will all help to spark memories in years to come.

Bride and Groom Walking Back Down the Aisle After Wedding Ceremony

Now they’re married, time for another sequence as they leave the room as husband and wife. As with all my photography, I give a good selection of both colour and black and white shots to provide in the final edit.

Couple Taking Champagne of Tray at DeCourceys Manor Wedding

The De Courceys manager is on hand as they exit to give them their first champagne.

Bride kisses female guest at wedding whilst groom watches

A wedding kiss to her sister as the groom looks on.

Groom kisses female guest on cheek outside DeCourceys Manor Cardiff

The groom greets family and friends outside the grand venue entrance.

Congratulating the Newly-Weds


There is a tendency for couples to stay near the ceremony room door and greet their guests coming out.  I try to prevent this at a beautiful venue such as De Courceys.

In good weather, outside the building is the place for these shots.  The light is much better, and the facade makes a lovely backdrop for some wedding congratulations followed by confetti.  So I get them outside and allow their guests to filter out and greet them naturally whilst I photograph some often emotional and special moments.

Bride kisses male guest at wedding whilst groom watches outside DeCourceys Manor

A typical overview shot of this time of the day makes up the feeling of atmosphere and occasion.

Couple leaving DeCourcey's Manor in shower of confetti

De Courceys affords the couple the red carpet treatment as they walk through an aisle of wedding guests for their confetti shots.

Two bridesmaids on decorative swing at wedding

The garden swing is a popular fixture at De Courceys Manor. I could resist this one of the bridesmaids playing on it. Here, you can see more of the garden and the side of the house in the background.

Wedding portrait taken in garden at DeCourceys Manor

There are numerous backdrops for the group posed shots. I take a few in one area and then move on to add interest.

Photo of whole wedding party taken with DeCourceys Manor logo on wall behind

I love the side of the house with those large Edwardian windows and the manor logo on the wall. Perfect for the all-important group shot of everyone.

Bride and Groom cut the cake at DeCourceys Manor

The venue staff are keen for me to take a ‘staged’ photo of the cake cutting before dinner. After dinner, the hotel staff move the cake to where the evening entertainment is to be held, but this area makes for a more attractive portrait.

Bride pushing groom on swing at wedding in De Courceys Manor

Shortly after the group shots, I steal the couple away for some of them alone together. Again, the swing came into its own as this pair were up for some very silly shots.

Bride and groom holding each other in romantic embrace

They also slowed down a bit for some more serious photos showing their love for each other.

DeCourceys Manor Function Suite Laid Out for Wedding

The same function room where the wedding ceremony had taken place earlier: Now laid for dinner, I always try to take a photo before the guests enter.

The Wedding Breakfast & Beyond


The couple is traditionally announced at De Courceys as their family and friends stand to receive them.  I take photos of the guests at the tables right up until they receive the starter.

At this point, I go for my meal until the speeches but stay on hand in case anything happens worth photographing.

Happy couple walking into the function suite at DeCourceys Manor for their wedding breakfast

Wedding couples are treated like rock stars during their wedding day. Only right too!

De Courceys Manor Wedding FAQs



A. The venue specialises in events – particularly weddings.  The management is continually improving what they do, to offer the best bespoke service for couples seeking an opulent venue for their special day.  The exterior is beautiful, inside is tasteful and ornate, and the service is second to none.  There’s even a Finance option to help you spread the payment and make it more affordable.  I wholeheartedly recommend this venue for your wedding day celebrations.



A.  De Courceys serves as an overnight hotel for you and your guests.  As it isn’t a hotel in the traditional sense, there are no other guests except for your friends and family.  The staff and wedding coordinator are always on hand for any last-minute queries, so you effectively have the venue from the day before.



A. Your wedding ceremony will be conducted by Cardiff Register Office.  I have photographed Cardiff weddings many times and find the registrars helpful and keen to help the photographer gain the best shots.  Their only restriction is that they don’t allow photography of register signing, which is common. They set up a ‘dummy’ register afterwards for some posed shots.



A.  The venue does allow confetti on the red carpet outside as the couple exit the building. There is no time limit for this and the posed shots as there is plenty of time between the ceremony and meal.



A.  The light varies throughout the venue.  The ceremony room has good artificial lighting and windows to the front and one side, although these are blocked slightly by the window drapes.  A good professional photographer will have no problem taking decent shots, whatever the lighting.

Guests cheering and clapping couple at wedding in Cardiff

Some guests are more exuberant than others. I keep a close eye on the more rowdy tables as the shots are often more dynamic and fun.

Bride talking to guests at wedding

The bride chats with some guests after the main course: The couple often circulates, chatting to their guests during this part of the meal.

Groom talking to guests at wedding

Rory was doing the same thing. Oddly, couples usually do this separately but sometimes stay together.

Bridesmaid dancing at wedding meal

Children at weddings are great… If the adults aren’t up to much, you can bet the young people will be making their own entertainment. Thankfully, De Courceys Manor welcomes them.

Bride and Groom sitting at wedding breakfast on their own table in De Courceys Manor

This couple decided to sit apart from everyone else – this is becoming more popular at wedding breakfasts.

Wedding Guests Toasting Couple at DeCourceys Manor near Cardiff

Here’s that rowdy table from earlier that I was keeping an eye on. This time they’re having a private toast.

Two female guests laughing on sofa at wedding

The bride’s mum and a female guest share a joke: This is that lovely bright seating area which is well worth spending time in if guests are sitting there.

Bridesmaid chatting with female guest in blue dress at wedding

A bridesmaid seemingly in deep conversation with a guest after dinner: I love it when they don’t notice me photographing them.

Bridesmaid and female guest looking at phone

I shot this through some decorative plants on the table to give a different perspective.


4 girls on decorative swing at wedding

A wide view of the garden swing on the lawn outside De Courceys Manor: Throughout the day it remained a favourite spot for kids and grown-ups alike.

Male guest hugging bride with eyes shut at wedding

After dinner, new guests often arrive for the evening, and I’m around to ensue I photograph the meetings and greetings.

Groom raising glass for toast at wedding near Cardiff

The couple decided to have their speeches later on so that the evening guests could be there. The De Courceys staff were more than happy to accommodate this as they were any requests.

Groom holding out hand to introduce father of bride for speech

The groom was introducing the father of the bride here.

Bride posing with older female relatives at wedding

I’m happy to take portrait requests at any point of the day.

Couple take their first dance at wedding reception

The first dance is a particularly special time of the wedding day. The evening entertainment was in the second function room. I used bounce flash for this which gave a lovely, flattering light on to the couple.

Bride and groom kissing during first dance

They are always so ‘in the moment’ at this part of the day that my presence with the camera doesn’t faze them at all.

Father dancing with daughter at wedding

As everyone takes to the dance floor, the guests’ true personalities come out, and I take some fantastic action shots.

Older couple dancing at wedding reception

I love it when the older family members dance together.

Guests laughing at wedding near Cardiff

Little moments like this mean so much to photograph. I only wonder what the joke was!

Two women dancing with girl at wedding

I stay until about half an hour after the first dance. By then I usually have enough footage and the dance floor has quietened down.

Bride hugging father after wedding reception

I left De Courceys Manor at about the same time as the bride’s dad. The last shot of the day was this lovely one of them sharing a goodbye hug.

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