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Engagement Photography in London

I shot these photos from Kirsty and Ben’s shoot on the South Bank in London. They demonstrate well how I like to use backgrounds, landmarks and even passers-by to add interest.

Engagement Photography in London – Why the City?


We Couldn’t be Happier with his Work…

Pre-Wedding Photography in London

I am from the states and my fiancé is a Brit, so I wanted some London themed engagement photos on location with some landmarks in the background. Guy responded to our e-mails promptly, answered any questions we had, and was very professional the day we took photos with him out on the town in London. He had lots of ideas and took his time in capturing the perfect shot and we are over the moon with how our pictures turned out! The end result of his photos along with his different editing techniques were outstanding and we couldn’t be happier with his work. My fiancé and I would definitely recommend Guy to anyone who wanted a great engagement photographer…!

Krystal & Barrie had their Engagement Photography Session in Central London

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Urban Pre-Wedding Photography Shoots in London to Capture the Love!

Urban London photography has long been a favourite of street and documentary photographers.

Many different elements can be pulled together and utilised to produce some fantastic photographs with or without people.

But when you combine both - MAGIC HAPPENS! 

From the architectural backdrops to the people that make up the city, urban photography has much to offer and much to say.

Photographing in the city of London is especially popular with newly-engaged couples looking to hire a photographer to shoot their engagement, pre-wedding or proposal photo session.

Often the city holds unforgettable memories for them, such as the place where they met or had their first date.

I once photographed the engagement of a gay/LGBTQ couple in London, and it was important to them to get some external shots of their old university.  We did it, and they were over the moon with the results!

Black and white photo of engaged couple laughing together

It's essential for the engaged couple to feel comfortable with their photographer. Only then can I take natural shots of them interacting like in this one. This is my aim with all my portrait shoots.

International Couples in London Engagement Photography

Couples from abroad often contact me looking for a photographer to capture some unique images of them on their trip to London and the UK.  For them, they love the history and iconic symbols and landmarks.

Favourite places (of which there are so many) include Westminster and the Queen Elizabeth Tower (Big Ben), The Tower of London and Trafalgar Square with its impressive Nelson's Column.  They also generally love having some 'touristy' photos with red phone boxes, black taxis and even on the Underground and I'm happy to provide these.

Over the last few years, I've photographed newly-engaged couples and holidaymakers from China, Singapore, The Philippines, The USA, Australia, Mexico, all over Europe and even Yorkshire!

Man proposing to girlfriend - Proposal photography in London

John booked me to shoot his marriage proposal to Kelly on Primrose Hill. This photo is as it unfolded. He planned it all from America; then I had to watch them from a distance until the decisive moment. Fortunately, she said, "Yes!"

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Marriage Proposal Photography

Many couples plan visits to London as a backdrop to their proposal.

I'm frequently contacted by people who want to surprise their partner by popping the question on holiday and having the event photographed for posterity.  I work closely with them to help plan their visit and suggest potential locations and ideas of where he can propose to her.

Girlfriend's emotional reaction as her boyfriend proposes in London

Shot at the ruin of St Dunstan's Church in the East: I took this photo discreetly from a distance, and it shows the look of tearful joy perfectly as Phoebe first realises that Ruben is about to propose marriage to her.

The time and place have to be worked out in fine detail so that I'm there to capture the decisive moment when she - or he - (hopefully) says, "Yes!"

I'm always worried that she'll notice me when I start to photograph them, and it'll spoil the moment.  However, I have found from experience that at this point, she is so excited and 'in the moment' that nothing else going on around her matters and it is unlikely that she'll spot me.

I am also very discreet and photograph wedding proposals from a distance to maintain your privacy.  So an open area where I will blend in can help.

Blonde woman looking at ring after her boyfriend has proposed to her in London

A while after the proposal and now fully aware that I'm photographing them, it still hasn't quite sunk in for Phoebe as she admires her engagement ring.

Fiancee laughing with her future husband standing behind her holding hands

I'm always looking out for natural moments of joy and emotion during engagement photography shoots. This pair told me they rarely have photos of themselves, so I quickly took fun shots such as this.

After the proposal, we can then have a full engagement shoot to mark the occasion and celebrate your love for each other.  I'm always open to ideas and suggestions for places to shoot this and have an armoury of potential locations if you are unfamiliar with the City.  London has an almost endless supply of backdrops to do this.

Couple hugging in middle blue doorway of three in London for their engagement photography

Walking from St Dunstan's to Tower Bridge, we came upon this striking three doorway scene. We spent a few minutes to get a stunning sequence of pre-wedding shots.

Newly-engaged couple in front of blue doorway with woman looking very happy

The vibrant blue of the doors also worked well as a background to some close-up shots.

Smiling couple sitting in deck chairs in London park

For Kelly and John, I did a post-proposal engagement shoot in Regent's Park. Strategically positioned deck chairs were handy and provided this aesthetically pleasing wide-angle portrait.

City Pre-Wedding Photo Shoots - The Beauty of the Urban London Landscape

What I love about shooting in London and other cities is the potential for unusual and diverse shots.

From a pleasant walk by the Thames to the energy and vibrancy of Waterloo Skate Park, London has something for everyone. The parks offer a more rural feel with their city wildlife, trees and benches (or deck chairs as above!).

Many couples love Westminster Bridge and the Houses of Parliament as a historical backdrop. There's the iconic Battersea Power Station, Trafalgar Square, Carnaby Street, Tower Bridge and the Tower of London and numerous other beautiful locations for some splendid photos to be shot.

London based pre-wedding shoots are in high demand from tourists and locals alike.  Thanks to publicity from the 2012 Olympic Games and the rich history London offers, more people are visiting than ever before.

Pre-Wedding Shoot with Queen Elizabeth Tower - Big Ben

The Houses of Parliament and Big Ben are always a popular engagement photos spot. There's lots of scope for unusual angles and perspectives like this one.

How I Work with Engaged Couples to take Photographs they will Cherish?

When planning engagement or proposal shoots for my couples, it's vital to understand what they are looking for in their photographs. They usually have an idea of the places they want to visit, so my first job is to advise and plan a route for them.

People are often very unsure how to act when they are in front of a professional lens for the first time. So when we first meet, I'll chat with you and reassure you that it's not that scary.

The first few minutes is all about helping you relax and finding out more about you and the type of engagement photographs you require.

Then I'll put on a long zoom lens and tell you to talk and interact for a while whilst I shoot from a distance.  I'll encourage you to kiss, laugh, hug or whatever.  The important thing is that you relax and loosen up for the later locations and shots.  Open spaces such as a park are great for this.

Sometimes the couple's engagement shoot locations are fairly spread out, which is fine as it gives a chance for photos in a black cab or on the Underground.  International couples especially love and usually request this.

Throughout the rest of the shoot, I take many shots - some close-up and others with a wide-angle lens to best utilise the background. I then have plenty to play with during post-production and in your photo edit.

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Couple kissing in London street with appartment block and the sun in the background

This quiet street is about a minute's walk from Tower Bridge. With fewer people around, it was ideal for a sequence of photos.

London Engagement Photography - Pricing

(Including Proposal Photography)

Up to 1.5 hours shoot in London in location(s) of your choice:


Extra Hours - £80/half hour.

Engagement Photography in London FAQs



A.  Each shoot lasts 2 hours, which is usually ample time.  If we don't finish, I can add more time, but things typically draw to a conclusion at around the 2-hour mark.



A. In London, there are certain times of day, which are busier than others.  The best time is around 9.30-11 am to avoid the morning rush hour during the week.  Regarding the light, the best time is usually the hour before sunset often referred to as the Golden Hour.

But whatever the time you have it, there are always quiet spots away from the crowds of tourists.  Sometimes, I include passers-by in your engagement photos to add another point of interest.



A. Think light and bright...  I love to work with bright and vibrant colours, but they must be you.  If you usually dress in more muted and darker colours, then go for those.  But try to avoid blacks and deep reds as they are challenging to pick out any detail.

You can bring a change of clothes and accessories, but bear in mind that there may be limited places to change.



A. It's mostly the same.  The significant difference is that your photographer won't meet you before they start shooting.  Your proposal location needs to be very precise, and I find that I need to do more planning and research regarding the light/backdrop etc.

After your proposal, and she/he has said, "Yes!" I introduce myself, and we'll go on to have a full engagement shoot.



A. Most importantly, be yourselves!  The more you put in, the more you'll get out.  So feel free to be silly, dance, cuddle, kiss or whatever... You won't look ridiculous as they are stills, not video, and if any photos are unflattering, I won't present them to you in the final edit.

So have fun with it.  It's all about you!

Couple Walking Across Westminster Bridge - London Engagement Photography

Westminster Bridge is usually heaving with tourists, so it was nice to have it quiet for this couple to walk across seemingly alone.

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