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Wedding Photography at Wandsworth Town Hall/Register Office.


The groom holds the taxi door open for his smiling bride at Wandsworth Town Hall

Wandsworth Town Hall’s courtyard is a perfect location for the bride’s arrival and some gorgeous wedding photography.

Wandsworth Town Hall is a grand looking building located in central Wandsworth, SW18.  It houses Wandsworth Register Office (or Registry Office) where many couples have wed over the years, and the beautiful art-deco architecture and features present some lovely wedding photography opportunities.

The couple pose with their son in the Marble Hall of Wandsworth Town Hall

The top of the Marble Hall’s staircase presents as one of many great photo locations for your wedding photographer.

Built in the 1930s and opened in 1937 by Queen Mary, it remains mostly unchanged with any minor alterations in keeping with the building’s original design and character.  It now holds a grade II listed building status.  Along the High Street elevation of the exterior are stone reliefs portraying key events and industries in the history of the five parishes that once made up the Borough of Wandsworth.

The newly-weds show off their marriage certificate at their Wandsworth Town Hall wedding

The Victoria Room: the interior of the Wandsworth Town Hall ceremony rooms are just as lovely as the outside and are great for your wedding photographer to work in.

The Grandeur of Wandsworth Register Office for Your Marriage

I have photographed at Wandsworth Town Hall several times. On arrival, the building’s seemingly large scale enhanced by the considerable entrance court is immediately striking. Many a bride and groom have arrived in style over the years.

The Marble Hall, choice of five ornate rooms and handy South London location means this is a fantastic register office to get married.

Capacity at Wandsworth Town Hall varies from 10 in the Mayor’s Parlour to 100 in the Grand Chamber.

The couple's son presents the rings to the groom at Wandsworth Register Office's Victoria Room

As the groom takes his bride’s wedding ring from his son in the Victoria Room, he is oblivious to me taking photos and documenting the occasion for years to come.

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Bride and groom pose outside the doors of Wandsworth Register Office

Arriving together gave Vendula and Stan time for some wedding portraits before their ceremony.

Are You Planning Your Wedding at Wandsworth Town Hall?

I photograph discretely and unobtrusively to capture all the very best moments, leaving you to enjoy your day.

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Couple pose with balloons whilst guests take photos on their phones at wedding in Wandsworth

I love photography that gives useful context: Here, I sneaked behind two guests to capture them photographing the couple and their ‘Mr & Mrs’ balloons.

An Ideal South London Wedding Photography Location

The Town Hall is ideally located on Wandsworth High Street just opposite South Thames College.  The nearest overground train station is Wandsworth Town, and the closest tube station is East Putney, about a mile away.  Numerous bus routes serve the high street, but unfortunately, there is no car parking at the venue for wedding guests.

The bride enters the front entrance at Wandsworth Town Hall

The door at the front of Wandsworth Town Hall: Wedding parties don’t usually enter this way, but it was used to help with social distancing during Covid-19.

The couple walking down the corridor at Wandsworth Town Hall

I make a point of shooting a sequence in the long corridor to the ceremony room. Windows that run alongside are perfect for illuminating the happy couple.

The groom and best man chat before marriage ceremony at Wandsworth Town Hall

The groom chats with his best man: Just before the ceremony begins, I head for the ceremony room to capture the natural moments of the groom and guests interacting.

Baby wearing bib with smiling mother at wedding

A stunning portrait of mother and son taken just before the bride’s entrance into the Alexandra Room.

Wandsworth Register Office: Before the Ceremony

As with all civil marriages, the couple must arrive early for their meeting with the registrar.  They will arrive at the beautiful courtyard with its central fountain.  The early arrival is to ensure that all the legalities and paperwork is in place.  Traditionally, the couple arrives separately, but you may tweak this to suit you.  It’s common these days for the bride and groom to arrive at their wedding together.

Groom kisses the bride in the courtyard at Wandsworth Town Hall

A cheeky wedding kiss before the couple go inside to meet with their registrars. This shot shows off the facade in the courtyard in the background.

Wedding couple posing with 'Bride' and 'Groom' Covi-19 Masks outside Wandsworth Town Hall

A wedding portrait Covid-19 style! The couple are allowed in without masks, but it’s fun to have fun, and some couples come fully prepared with joke face coverings.

A masked groom elbow bumps a friend at his Cov-19 restricted wedding

A wedding greeting Coronavirus style… Elbow bumps have become the norm, replacing traditional hugs.

The groom usually waits in the ceremony room for his bride to enter, as is traditional.  It’s always an exciting time, and I like to capture a sequence of this moment and the moments leading up to it. Your wedding photographer needs to be at the top of their game at this time not to miss anything.

A pensive groom seated as his bride enters the Victoria Room at Wandsworth Town Hall

As the groom has time to be nervous, the bride is ready to enter the Victoria Room for their ceremony.

Young bridesmaids and grown up enter the Alexandra Room of Wandsworth Town Hall

It’s always gorgeous when young bridesmaid leads the entrance procession. With children, there’s no hiding the nerves and excitement.

Wide shot of Alexandra Room wedding ceremony at Wandsworth Town Hall

The whole of the Alexandra Room from the front during the wedding ceremony.

Wandsworth Register Office Wedding Ceremony Rooms


Guests take photographs of the seated couple at their register office wedding

The Victoria Room is suitable for smaller weddings holding 25 guests.

**The venue conducts room tours every Saturday at 9 am.  Just turn up to the Marble Hall Reception to be collected**

The Elizabeth Room:

Only seats up to 10 guests.  For the most minimalist of ceremonies with no readings or music.

Victoria Room:

Accommodates up to 25 people –  red-themed with a gorgeous conference table.  Price includes the choice of music and reading.

Alexandra Room:

Pictured above.  Seats 43 guests facing towards an unusual art-deco mirrored table, totally in keeping with the building’s décor and age.  The couple is kept separate before the ceremony if required, and there is an aisle to walk down.

The Grand Chamber:

The largest ceremony room which seats 98 wedding guests.  Up to 3 readings are included and live acoustic music, although you must book this separately.

The Mayor’s Parlour:

With seating for only 10 guests.  Otherwise similar additions as for The Grand Chamber.

Bride and groom holding hands at Alexandra Room wedding in Wandsworth Town Hall

Happily, the registrars at Wandsworth are relaxed and don’t mind the photographer moving at all. It allows for lots of different angles and good shots of the couple ‘in the moment’.

A guest does a reading in the Alexandra Room of Wandsworth Town Hall

Up to three readings are allowed during the ceremony depending on the chosen room. These add more of a personal touch to proceedings, and I advise you to make the most of them.

Smiling best man with couple holding rings at Wandsworth Town Hall wedding

I can’t remember the joke here but strive to capture every expression of happiness as the best man presents the rings.

The bride takes the ring from her young son in Wandsworth

To add a personal touch, the couple here had their son present the wedding rings.

The grooms look at each other in the Victoria Room at a Wandsworth Town Hall gay wedding

George and Dave had their LGBTQ/gay wedding ceremony in the Victoria Room. They had only their two witnesses in attendance.

The bride gives her groom a loving look during their wedding at Wandsworth Town Hall

During the ceremony, couples don’t usually notice my presence. They are too involved in the moment – as it should be!

The bride places the ring on her groom's finger at their Wandsworth Town Hall wedding

I like to take photos from various angles and positions around the room. The Wandsworth registrars don’t mind this at all and actively encourage wedding photography.

The bride signs the wedding register whilst a serious looking groom looks into the camera

The signing of the Marriage Register: Photography is allowed, with the only stipulation that the photographer doesn’t zoom in on the page.

Bride holding pen at dummy register signing in Wandsworth Register Office

Although the registrars are relaxed about photography of the wedding register signing, they can also set up a ‘dummy’ register for some more posed photos with the pen.

An emotional groom dabs his eyes at a South London wedding whilst the bride smiles at the camera

After the signing, the moment becomes all too real for the groom… It’s moments like this that help your photographer tell the story of the day.

Bride and groom leaving the Alexandra Room at Wandsworth Town Hall

With the ceremony over, couples generally relax and are happy to walk back down the aisle together.

Photography at Wandsworth Registry Office

The registrars actively encourage photography throughout the ceremony so long as it isn’t distracting. Your photographer should be discrete and observe the occasion whilst taking a series of photographs to document your marriage. It is also acceptable for guests to take photos. Sometimes the couple may prefer them not to, in which case the registrar will announce before the ceremony beginning. In any case, guest photography should not hinder either the registrar or your photographer from performing their duties.

Bride holding bouquet and hugging family member after wedding

After the ceremony, congratulations: The registrars allow a little time for hugs and kisses which make for some great photography.

Male family member smiling and hugging bride at Wandsworth Town Hall

The happiness and love between friends and family is very apparent at this special time of the wedding day.

All guests pose at top of the marbled staircase at Wandsworth Town Hall

The Marble Hall staircase is perfect for some group portraits. The best photography position is from the balustrade above.

After Your Wedding Ceremony

After the Wandsworth Town Hall wedding photography ceremony, there is time allowed for group shots on the ornate Marble Hall staircase with a good view from the high balustrade above. The time allowed on the stairs inside largely depends on how busy the registry office is at that time and on that day.  I then like to photograph the couple walking along the long corridor and exiting out into the courtyard. Wandsworth allows confetti, so it’s nice to take a sequence of confetti shots outside. There’s also scope for posed photos in the magnificent courtyard with fountain.

A just married couple pose on the marbled staircase of Wandsworth Town Hall

The couple poses on the grand staircase in the Marble Hall. On busy days, time may be limited due to other weddings finishing at a similar time.

Bridesmaids and the newly-weds leaving Wandsworth Town Hall after their wedding

The newly-weds and bridesmaids spill out into the courtyard through the elegant doorway.

Wandsworth Town Hall Wedding Photographer - Girl Running in Courtyard

The Courtyard at Wandsworth Register Office is almost Royal in size and appearance. Great for youngsters to run around in after the ceremony.

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The happy couple standing outside the front door of Wandsworth Town Hall

This portrait of the happy couple shows more of the doorway, including the Wandsworth Coast of Arms. It includes the shields of all four parishes of the Borough: Battersea, Putney, Tooting and Wandsworth.

Group photo of the whole wedding party at Wandsworth Town Hall

A group shot of the whole wedding party is a must-have portrait. I went wide in this one to photograph more of the facade of the entrance.

Useful to Know When Booking Your Wedding at Wandsworth Town Hall

  • You can contact the registrars directly by calling 020 8871 6120 or emailing registeroffice@wandsworth.gov.uk.
  • The venue conducts room viewings every Saturday at 9 am. Go to the Marble Hall Reception, where somebody will collect you. Booking is not necessary.
  • Provisional wedding bookings may be made up to 12 months in advance.
  • You may make your formal Notice of Intention up to one year in advance.
  • A non-refundable booking fee of £50 is required to secure a room and time.
  • The booking fee includes the room hire, two registrars, one marriage certificate, and your music and personal vows choice.
  • The London Borough of Wandsworth has many other wedding venues to hire, including Battersea Arts Centre, the London Rowing Club, the Pump House Gallery & Winchester House.
  • You are allowed 15 minutes before the ceremony for guest arrivals and to set up in the venue room.
  • Saturdays are the busiest day with a high turnover of weddings. There will be less time for portraits on the stairs and in the courtyard, but a few minutes are included.
  • You can check availability and book your date and ceremony room via a form on the website.
  • There is no parking for guests at the Town Hall, but one car is allowed to wait for your departure.
  • As well as marriages, Wandsworth Town Hall also does Renewals of Vows, Civil Ceremonies/Conversions and Naming Ceremonies.

For full information including pricing visit: Wandsworth Town Hall Website

A flashlit confetti photo as the couple leave Wandsworth Town Hall in the dark

It was dark when Vendula and Stan left the town hall, but flight lit confetti photos work well and give atmosphere.

Bride and groom holding hands and looking back towards the camera with Wandsworth Town Hall courtyard in the background

A shot of the bride and groom from the doorway shows the other side of Wandsworth Register Offices octagonal courtyard.

The newly-weds pose in front of fountain in Wandsworth Town Hall courtyard

A standard portrait of the bride and groom shows off the courtyard’s central fountain: There are many elements to include to produce some stunning wedding photography at Wandsworth Town Hall.

Bride and Groom laughing whilst posing for wedding portrait

But I do prefer more fun and natural shots. This one demonstrates the couple’s personalities and sense of fun.

Bride and groom laughing outside Wandsworth Town Hall

Part of the same sequence: I shot a few of the couple as the bride giggled with happiness.

The newly-weds dance in courtyard of Wandsworth Town Hall

And finally: I sometimes ask couples to dance. If they are comfortable with this, it can produce some stunning and intimate wedding portraits.

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