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Wedding Photography at Woolwich Town Hall/Greenwich Register Office


The couple kiss outside at their Woolwich Town Hall marriage

The Edwardian Baroque exterior of Woolwich Town Hall is perfect for couples to pose (and kiss) outside after their wedding ceremony.

Woolwich Town Hall is a Grade II listed Edwardian Baroque building opened in 1906.  It is ornate, large and beautiful and perfect for small to medium-sized wedding ceremonies.  The venue also incorporates Greenwich Register Office sometimes mistakenly called ‘registry’.

The bride and her mum approach Woolwich Town Hall on Wellington Street

The main entrance to Woolwich Town Hall is on Wellington Street. Here the bride arrives with her mother just before her wedding ceremony.  I edit in a mixture of colour and black and white.

The groom's mother fits his button hole before the wedding ceremony

Meanwhile, the groom has his ‘buttonhole’ fixed by his mum in Greenwich Register Office’s Edwardian room.

The groom and his father check the rings before the wedding ceremony at Woolwich Town Hall

He also checks the rings carefully with his father. I use the time just before the ceremony to take some scene-setting shots of the groom and guests.

Located in the heart of Woolwich in the Royal Borough of Greenwich, South-East London, the town hall is a short walk from Woolwich Arsenal Station and has useful transport links for guests arriving by public transport. 

The wedding venue lies on Wellington Street (B210) and Market Street and has entrances on both.  The town hall is generally accessed by the Wellington street entrance though.

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Two hours + beautifully edited photos uploaded in a mixture of colour and black and white.

Price includes some arrivals shots, the ceremony, congratulations/confetti and posed shots in the courtyard.

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Groom's parents pose for camera at Woolwich Town Hall wedding

I try to take close-up portraits of everyone present. The happiness of the groom’s parents is evident here.

Family with girl holding flute pose for wedding photo

The groom’s sister was going to play the flute as the bride enters the Edwardian Room. I made sure I captured her in this family portrait.

Woolwich Town Hall as a Wedding Venue

Greenwich Register Office is one venue that will blow you away when you walk in through the front doors and enter the Victorian Hall.  The interior is as opulent and ornate as the outside, and the building has six domes which make up the roof and help illuminate the inside.

If you have a Woolwich Town Hall wedding, you will be very well looked after by the registrars and staff.  They will guide you through every step of the process to ensure that you have a wedding day to remember.

The bride and her mother tentatively enter the Edwardian Room at a Woolwich Town Hall Wedding

Bride Mary tentatively enters the Edwardian Room with her mother as the ceremony begins.

Bride and mum walking down the aisle in Woolwich

I like to take a sequence of the bride’s entrance and walk down the aisle. The aisle of the Edwardian Room is short, but I make the most of it.

Couple holding hands with registrar in background at their Woolwich Town Hall Wedding in the Edwardian Room

Reunited at the ‘altar’: This shot shows off the front of the room with period fireplace and attractive mirror.

There is the option for a reception or post-wedding ceremony meal at Woolwich Town Hall in the Victoria Hall. However, there are also plenty of other venues nearby in the Royal Borough of Greenwich that cater to wedding reception parties that will no doubt suit you down to the ground as well.

Chinese bride looking at groom during wedding ceremony

The Woolwich registrars are happy to let the photographer move around during the ceremony, enabling me to get shots from different angles.

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The guests watching the ceremony in the Edwardian Room at Woolwich Town Hall

As well as the couple, I take photographs of the guests watching the ceremony: This was a small wedding, but the room holds 40 guests.

A male guest gives a reading whilst the couple hold hands at a Woolwich Town Hall Wedding

There’s a podium at the front for guests to give non-religious readings. The venue allows time for this by arrangement.

The groom places the ring on the bride's finger in the Edwardian Room at Woolwich Town Hall

The decisive moment as the groom carefully places the ring on his bride’s finger.

Woolwich Town Hall Wedding Rooms

Greenwich Register Office Room: This is the most basic ceremony venue with only your two witnesses present.  Even the photographer isn’t allowed in (although it may be worth asking if photography is important to you).  The ceremony includes just the wedding vows and exchange of rings.

The Edwardian Room: The recently refurbished Edwardian Room is the middle-sized venue room and holds 36 guests.  It has tasteful decor with feature fireplace and you are allowed readings and your own choice of music.

Victoria Hall: The amazing Victoria room is exquisite and grand and holds up to 130 guests.  Ceremonies are held just in front of the grand sweeping staircase.  Available on Saturdays and Sunday.

Additional charges will apply so visit the Royal Greenwich Website for more information.

Rings exchange at wedding with father of the groom watching

To add a little more context, I went wider and caught Philip’s father looking on.

The bride and groom have their first kiss at their Woolwich Town Hall Wedding in London

The first kiss is a very special moment to capture but can be fleeting. Take your time here so that the photographer has time to capture this moment well.

Signing the Register – Greenwich Registrar Rules

The Greenwich registrars are a little guarded about photography of the wedding register signing.  Some register offices allow photography of this part of the ceremony, and others don’t.  But whatever the rules of the venue and officiants, the photographer and couple must abide by them.  At this point of the ceremony, I sometimes take a wide shot from the back of the room, including the signing but discretely and from a distance.  I play this by ear, though.

Overview of the couple signing the register at Woolwich Town Hall Wedding

Another overview, this time of the signing: The registrars at Greenwich don’t allow direct photography of the signing but shooting from a distance; they weren’t too concerned.

The newly-weds sign their wedding register in Woolwich

This photo could have been taken at the actual signing but was the registrar just setting up the dummy register.

The couple pose with their wedding register and witnesses

The couple poses with their witnesses for the dummy register signing. Some register offices don’t allow photography of the actual signing for data protection reasons.

The Woolwich registrar presents the marriage certificate after their wedding in Woolwich

The registrar presents their marriage certificate:  they like to make a presentation of it at Greenwich Register Office, which offers another excellent photo opportunity.

The happy couple leaving the Edwardian Room in Woolwich Town Hall with guests clapping

The newly-weds leave the Edwardian Room as husband and wife. A great moment to take another sequence of wedding shots.

Wedding Bookings at Greenwich Register Office

Useful to Know When Booking Your Wedding:

  • You can book your wedding up to 13 months in advance.
  • You can contact the registrars on 020 8921 5015 or registrar@royalgreenwich.gov.uk to discuss.
  • The venue can be expensive to hire but is cheaper mid-week
  • You need to book your venue before requesting a registrar if getting married at a registered venue other than Greenwich Register office.
  • There is no guarantee that a registrar will be available on your date, so do book as soon as you know your date and venue.
  • Thirty minutes is allowed for the ceremony, and you are also allowed time afterwards for photographs elsewhere in the building.

The newly-weds pose in the Victorian Hall after their Woolwich Town Hall Wedding at Christmas time

It was just before Christmas when I photographed Mary and Philip’s wedding. The trees in the Victoria Hall added a different dynamic to the posed portrait shots.

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Congratulations, Confetti and Group Shots

Couples are allowed time after their ceremony within the building to utilise the ornate architecture as a backdrop for their group and couple portrait shots.  Woolwich Town Hall and the Royal Borough of Greenwich registrars understand the importance that couples place on having a great set of images taken at their wedding.  They work with the couple and photographer to help them achieve this.

Happily, confetti is allowed as the couple exit onto Wellington Street as long as it is biodegradable, which will likely be the last sequence of photos taken before the wedding party depart for the reception.

The bride and her mum pose between two Christmas trees

After the ceremony, there is time for family portraits such as Mary’s posing with her mother.

The entire wedding party pose in-front of the staircase in the Victorian Hall of Woolwich Town Hall

This portrait was the entire wedding party. With more people, the stairs can be used to organise the numbers.

The couple hold and look at each other at Woolwich Town Hall wedding

I took this loving portrait upstairs amongst the archways.

The couple pose and kiss with bouquet at the London wedding

I don’t usually edit in this high contrast, muted colours style but it seemed to work here.

The couple stand with Victorian Hall behind them at Woolwich Town Hall wedding

This photo of the happy couple shows the depth and more of the Victoria Hall’s internal architecture.

The couple walk towards the reception area at their Woolwich Town Hall marriage

As the couple start to leave, I take this which shows part of Woolwich Town Hall’s reception desk by the front door.

Woolwich Town Hall Wedding FAQ’s


A. The Town Hall is Grade II listed and designed in the Edwardian Baroque style.  The Victorian Hall is ornate and very large with a sweeping staircase – a perfect backdrop to your small wedding day.  There is a choice of rooms according to your preferences, budget and size of the wedding party.


A. Your guests will be shown to your room whilst you are being interviewed.  This will give your photographer time to take plenty of greetings and scene-setting shots before the entrance of the bride.


A. Photography of your marriage ceremony is allowed in all rooms except for a basic Register Office booking.  The Greenwich registrars are relaxed about this and don’t mind your photographer moving to get the right angles and viewpoints.


A. Yes!!  When you exit from the main entrance on Wellington street, biodegradable confetti is allowed to be thrown by your guests.  Your photographer should set this up for you and take a nice sequence of fun wedding confetti photos.


A. The light in the Victorian Hall is fairly good on a bright day with high dome daylight which will help produce some lovely images.  The Edwardian room is not quite so bright but can be lit beautifully with a little bounce flash.

Couple kiss either side of bannister at wedding in Woolwich Town Hall

In the entrance ‘porch’ the couple stop for a quick kiss over the brass bannister.

Couple leaving their Woolwich Town Hall wedding

Under the front portico where many newly-weds have left after their nuptials as the couple exit.

Greenwich Register Office,
Woolwich Town Hall,
Wellington Street,
London SE18 6PW.

Woolwich Town Hall/Greenwich Register Office: One of South-East London’s Top Wedding Photography Venues.

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