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Danson House/Bexley Register Office Wedding Photography

A Georgian Wedding Venue in Bexley

Wedding Photography at Danson House


Newlyweds walk through the Dining Room at Danson House after their wedding.

Beautiful wedding spaces, such as the Dining Room, make Danson House the perfect register office venue for your wedding.

London Borough of Bexley Register Office Wedding Photography Venue

Bexley Register Office is located in south-eastern Greater London within the rather lovely Grade 1 listed Danson House.  With its ornate decor and perfectly individual rooms, the venue suits small to medium-sized wedding parties (up to 65 guests).

The house is situated on 200 acres of parkland with Danson Lake at the heart.  With the sheer number of beautiful backdrops and photo ops, this wedding venue is a dream for any couple and, indeed, wedding photographer.  But be aware that you must buy a permit to have photographs in the park after your ceremony.

Bride poses with her father in front of Danson House in Kent before her wedding ceremony

The beautiful facade of Danson House and proud father posing with his daughter, bride Jen.

Are You Planning Your Wedding at Danson House?

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Guests and groom waiting in Danson House's Salon before the wedding ceremony

The groom waits with his guests in the Salon for the entrance of his bride. Danson House has 5 spectacular wedding spaces for the couple to choose from, depending on the size of the wedding.

Car Parking for Your Danson House Wedding

The house doesn’t have car parking, but the Danson Park car park is roughly 200 meters from the house.

Obviously, any official vehicles, such as bridal cars and Routemaster buses, are allowed to drop off and wait on the drive outside the house.

The bride arrives on the drive outside Danson House. Official cars may wait outside for members of the bridal party but not other guests.

Bride Jen arrives outside Danson House for her civil marriage ceremony.

Bride and father posing with Mercedes wedding car in the sunshine outside Danson House.

This wedding portrait points in the direction of the park in the background. Time allows for some shots before the bridal party enters the house for the ceremony.

Bride posing with her 3 bridesmaids dressed in dark green dresses - taken in the Dining Room at Danson House

The Dining Room is on the walkthrough to the Salon. The gorgeous fireplace provides another excellent photo opportunity.

Photography Time Constraints at Bexley Register Office

Wedding photography is encouraged at Bexley, but time can be tight.  This isn’t usually a problem for midweek and off-season weddings, but it’s worth liaising with your registrars to check if there is a wedding following yours.

The bride enters the Salon at Danson House for her wedding ceremony. Walking with her father, she is peering in, looking for the groom as guests look on.

At last, it’s time: As bride Jen enters the Salon, she peers in to catch her first glimpse of her groom. I take sequences of photos throughout the day.

Bride and groom waiting listening to the registrar with two close family members either side.

As this shot shows, the registrars are very happy with the photographer’s close involvement in capturing the best shots from the ceremony.

The Borough of Bexley Registrars

A registrar and superintendent registrar will conduct your ceremony.  They are helpful and keen for the photographer to get a comprehensive selection of photographs of your time at the venue.  The Bexley registrars are relaxed, allowing the photographer to move around during the wedding ceremony.

I try to be as discreet as possible whilst getting those all-important wedding photos, including the couple exchanging rings and the first kiss.

Wide shot showing a guest reading at wedding ceremony in Danson House's Salon

Adding what you can to the ceremony is always a good idea. Family members giving readings make the occasion even more special.

The bride places the ring on her groom's finger at Bexley Register Office

The exchange of rings is the pivotal moment of the ceremony (and most photogenic). It’s essential to have this photographed well.

Wedding Bookings at Danson House

Useful to Know When Booking Your Wedding

  • To contact the registrars and enquire about your date, email: registerofficebexley@kent.gov.uk or phone: 03000 411103.
  • Saturdays can be busy, so there may be less time for portraits around the house.  Danson Park has amazing backdrops for wedding photos, though…
  • If you plan to have some photographs on the park grounds, you’ll need to apply for a license.  The cost is around £50.
  • As well as marriages, Bexley Register Office also conducts Renewals of Vows, Civil Ceremonies and Civil Partnership Conversions.

The newlyweds share their first kiss at their wedding in the Danson House Salon

The couple can now share their first kiss. Newlyweds are very much in the moment at this stage of the day and don’t mind their photographer’s presence at all.

Read More>> This Venue is Perfect for Same-Sex Wedding Photography.

The happy newlyweds smiling with dummy register after their wedding ceremony in the Salon, Danson House

Although the register has been put online, Bexley Register Office is still reluctant to allow signing photography. They still prefer to set up a dummy schedule instead.


Rules on Signing the Schedule

Signing the wedding register has now been consigned to history, with the signing of a schedule taking place instead.  Many register offices that didn’t allow photography of the register signing before now allow it.  However, Bexley still has strict rules preventing photography at this time.  I still have to ask couples to pose with a dummy book.

A newlywed couple pose with the wedding register in the Salon at Danson House

This photo more clearly displays the area at the front of the Salon towards the fireplace.

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Bexley Register Office/Danson House Wedding Rooms


There are 5 rooms to choose from for your wedding.


A newly wedded couple leave their wedding ceremony to a round of applause from their guests at registrars at Bexley Register Office

The newly as they leave their wedding ceremony to a round of applause. Another special moment to photograph.  I went wide to show more of the Salon’s west side.

The Johnston Room:

  • The Johnston Room is on the first floor and is the smallest of the ceremony rooms regarding guest seating.
  • Holds 12 seated guests
  • The views over the surrounding area are stunning.

Sir John Boyds Room:

  • Again, on the first floor, the John Boyd suits small to medium-sized weddings.
  • 25 guests seated.

The Salon:

  • Octagonal and light, with tasteful blue wallpaper and window dressing.
  • 45 guests are catered for in forward-facing seats.

The Library:

  • Houses the famous Danson Organ and overlooks the gardens.
  • Seating is available for 65 guests.

The Dining Room:

  • Exceptionally light and airy, with amazing portraits adorning every wall.
  • Available for up to 65 seated guests.

A wedded couple leave the entrance of Danson House after their ceremony

The couple leaving Danson House is a must-have shot for your photographer. You will leave first, then your guests.

A bridesmaid kissing the bride on the cheek with friends gathered around

It’s photographs like this that reflect the day. Every wedding has so many memorable and personal moments, and you need a photographer who can capture as many as possible.

Photographing the Confetti – Rules at Danson House

Unfortunately, due to the stately nature of the house, confetti is not allowed on the premises or in the park.  However, bubbles are permitted at the bottom of the steps.  This lets your photographer set up a good sequence as you proceed down the steps and through an aisle of your bubble-blowing guests.

There’s also the option of having your bubble-confetti sequence in the park opposite – but do get that permit…

Wedding couple walking through aisle of guests blowing bubbles in Danson Park

Due to the bright sun and shaded areas outside the house, we did this sequence in the opposite park. It worked just as well.

A female guest greets the bride with a hug as the groom looks on

After leaving the venue, family and friends want to congratulate the couple. This can happen before or after the confetti; I just let it happen naturally.

Posed Group and Couples Photos

I work through your required group shots fairly briskly in case a wedding follows shortly afterwards, and we are moved on.  Weddings are generally staggered and shouldn’t cross, but it can happen.  Below are some examples of shots that I have taken after the ceremony.

A whole party wedding photograph taken outside the front of Danson House

The sun was disappearing around the back of the house when I took this group portrait of the wedding party. This is one of the day’s most important photos to capture, as it documents everyone in attendance.

Danson House Wedding Photography FAQs



A.  If it’s a stately home wedding in opulent surroundings, look no further than Danson House.  With easy access to Central London, the house is the perfect venue for your wedding of up to 65 guests.  The staff and registrars are kind and helpful, and the surrounding park is lovely for photos.



A.  The registrars and house staff are very helpful and actively encourage photography.  However, photographing the signing of the schedule is not allowed, with a ‘dummy’ set up for posed photographs.



A.  Unfortunately, wedding confetti is prohibited, but bubbles are permitted at the bottom of the steps.



A.  It varies depending on the area.  Most rooms have large windows and good directional light.  however, your photographer will be able to deal with lighting conditions, whatever they are.

Indian family wedding photo in the sunshine at Danson Park

We had a few photos in front of the house, then went to the park for others. This gives a wider variety of photos than in just one location.

Couple standing in front of a willow tree in the sunshine on their wedding day

The park has many good backdrops for your photos, including this fine willow tree. It makes purchasing a permit well worthwhile.

Wedding couple holding hands and walking through Danson Park in Bexley

A wide, environmental shot shows the couple walking through the beautifully landscaped Danson Park.

And After Your Wedding Ceremony?

Being a civil marriage venue, Bexley Register Office does not cater to wedding receptions, but the Boathouse in the park does and is a popular wedding venue.  There are also numerous local restaurants, pubs, and hotels in Bexleyheath and the local area.  Greenwich is also nearby.

Couple holding hands and walking away towards red wedding Routmaster bus

Time to leave: The newlyweds join their guests on their Routmast bus – a great way to transport your guests between wedding venues…

Danson House,
Danson Park,
Danson Road,
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Bexley Register Office/Danson House Wedding Photography.

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The happy newlyweds smiling with dummy register after their wedding ceremony in the Salon, Danson House

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