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Wedding Photography at The Bloomsbury Hotel in London


Newly-weds exiting through the front door of the Bloomsbury Hotel, London

The couple leaves The Bloomsbury Hotel after their wedding ceremony. Everything about the hotel is attractive, including the outside displays of foliage and greenery.

A wedding ceremony and/or reception at the Bloomsbury Hotel in London is one of sheer 5* luxury and opulence.  The hotel is situated in the relative peace and tranquillity of Great Russell Street, yet is only a stone’s throw away from Tottenham Court Road Station, Leicester Square and Covent Garden.  Nestled amongst beautiful garden squares and with eclectic boutique sand shops on the doorstep, The Bloomsbury Hotel is a gem of a venue for your wedding day celebrations.

Grrom and friend in blue suits laughing on sofa in London hotel

There are so many attractive settings and backdrops for photography at The Bloomsbury. This sofa was in the corridor near the groom’s room, so we made use of it for a few fun shots.

Two men in suits standing at front of Seamus Heaney Library at wedding in the Bloomsbury Hotel

The groom and best man wait in the Seamus Heaney Library, just before the bride’s arrival.

The Bloomsbury Hotel as a Wedding Venue

There are several wedding spaces of varying sizes that the Bloomsbury offers.  Each has its qualities and aesthetics that make your day a unique and memorable experience.  You can book each room for just your ceremony or the reception or both.

The venue that I have photographed in is the Seamus Heaney Library, and this page features Carrie and Evan’s wedding.

Bride with Bridesmaid laughing in bath during wedding preparations

Bridal Preparations Upstairs at The Bloomsbury

When you have your wedding ceremony and reception in the same hotel you stay in, you won’t have to travel anywhere.  The bride can have her preparations upstairs, whilst the guests arrive and are greeted by the groom in the downstairs wedding space.  For a photographer, this is wonderful, and they can float between both areas to document proceedings from both sides.

Male and female guests hugging before wedding

Whilst the bride prepares herself in an upstairs bedroom, the guests start to arrive, and I’m on hand to take some natural greetings shots such as this.

Lady with arms round man in blue suit and holding a phone at wedding

As well as reportage photography, I also take some posed shots but with an element of fun.

Groom and groomsman standing in front of portrait of Seamus Heaney in the Bloomsbury Hotel

The groom points to a portrait of Seamus Heaney at the back of the library that bears his name.

A London Borough of Camden Wedding Ceremony

The Bloomsbury Hotel is in the London Borough of Camden, and it’s their registrars who conduct the civil wedding ceremonies within the borough.  The Camden registrars are very relaxed with few rules, but your photographer still needs to remain discreet and observe the occasion whilst getting those precious and expressive shots.

However, Carrie and Evan’s ceremony was more of a family celebration and blessing and not a legally binding ceremony, so registrars were not present.

Bride standing in corridor holding her bouquet in the Bloomsbury Hotel

Bride Carrie waits outside the Bloomsbury Hotel’s library shortly before her marriage ceremony.

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Bridesmaid walking into Seamus Heaney Library for wedding at the Bloomsbury Hotel

The bridesmaid (in this case the bride’s daughter) walks down the aisle towards the waiting groom.

Bride entering Seamus Heaney Library at Bloomsbury Hotel with guest and staff watching

The library makes for an unusual and striking backdrop to the wedding ceremony. As Carrie makes her entrance, an attentive member of the Bloomsbury Staff holds the door.

Bride enters the ceremony room at the Bloomsbury Hotel for wedding

There are certain times of the day when your wedding photographer should take a whole sequence of photos, and the bride’s arrival and entrance should be one of these moments.

Bride greets son and touches his arm at wedding

A tender touch from mother to son: The celebration was all about family and love. Fleeting moments such as this mean so much for couples to have documented.

Bride's son reading as she listens at wedding ceremony

The family took it in turns to read warm wishes and sentiments. And the Bloomsbury Hotel provided the perfect backdrop to photograph them.

Bride laughing at wedding while family and groom watch on

My camera is always poised, ready to click when something happens. Carrie certainly showed when something tickled her, which made for some great photography.

Wedding Ceremony at the Bloomsbury Hotel in London

As well as close-ups, I take more sweeping shots to capture the bigger picture.

Bride reading whilst son and daughter watch on at wedding in London

Expressions are everything when shooting candid family portraits. I look the looks of love and joy on the faces in this photo.

Groom Reading with Bridesmaid Listening at London Marriage Ceremony

It was the groom’s turn to read with the pleasing backdrop of library books.

Groom rading shot between heads of bride and best man

I’m always looking out for different and unusual angles during a wedding ceremony. In this, I spotted a gap between the bride and her son and shot through it to give a kind of ‘point of view’ shot.

Exchange of Wedding Rings at Bloomsbury Hotel

During the ring exchange, the couple only have eyes for each other.

Bride and groom laughing in front of family in Seamus Heaney Library at the Bloomsbury Hotel

This composition shows another corned of the Seamus Heaney Library – a kind of ‘snug’ for people to sit and read.

Bride and Groom kissing at their wedding in the Bloomsbury Hotel

The first kiss is essential but sometimes very fleeting. I ask the couple to slow down at this point, so I’m sure to get the shot.

Bride and groom hold each other as guests look on at wedding ceremony

A wide-angle shot to include some of the guests too.

Bride and Groom walking up the aisle in library at the Bloomsbury Hotel

Time for another sequence. I take about 8-12 shots as the couple walk back down the aisle as husband and wife.

The Drinks Reception and Congratulations

As the ceremony concludes with the first kiss and register signing, the newly-weds walk back down the aisle hand in hand to the back of the room. The very attentive Bloomsbury staff serves them Champagne or Prosecco, and they toast their marriage.

The library is lovely and intimate for up to 40 guests and now is the time for those emotive congratulations photos as family and friends take their turn to hug the couple and offer their words of good wishes.  Below is a selection of images from this time.

Newly Weds walking back up the aisle after their wedding

The light in the Bloomsbury’s library is OK but needs a bit of bounce flash to fill in the shadows. You can see it highlighting the couple well in this photograph.

Groom hugging guest at the Bloomsbury Hotel

Warm hugs for the groom. No stiff upper lips here as the couple and most of the guests were American.

Bride hugging female guest at Bloomsbury Hotel wedding

Guest taking photo at Bloomsbury Hotel wedding

Some photographers don’t like guest photography, but I embrace it. I love to take photos of people taking pictures, after all – it is part of the day!

Wedding toast at Bloomsbury Hotel in London


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Man jokingly wearing favour and holding wine glass with wife at wedding

There’s always one! I love this as his expression gives nothing away. It suits him well.

Bride Walking Downstairs after Wedding in Hotel

These newly-weds went elsewhere for their wedding meal. Here they are descending the staircase. There are angles and areas of light and shadow all over the Bloomsbury Hotel. Perfect for your wedding photographer to make use of.

Bride and groom walking through foyer at the Bloomsbury Hotel

The bride leading groom out into the foyer: She was all smiles throughout – lovely to see!

Bride and groom smiling as they walk along in hotel reception

Another part of the exit sequence as they make their way through the Bloomsbury.

Wedding couple looking at each other at entrance door of Bloomsbury Hotel

Shot just before the photo at the top: They paused briefly in the entrance doorway.

Portrait of bride and groom walking outside Bloomsbury Hotel

This kind of foliage is unexpected outside a hotel in Central London. The new entrance on the side of the building is really special.

Wedding party leaving the Bloomsbury Hotel in London

And finally back outside onto Great Russell Street and on to their wedding breakfast…

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