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Wedding couple with arms in air outside Morden Park House, Merton

Natasha and Thomas can’t help but show their joy as they leave their Merton Register Office wedding ceremony.

Photogenic Morden Park House


I have photographed weddings at Merton Register Office (often mistakenly referred to as Registry Office) many times, and it is a venue that keeps on giving.

Officially known as Morden Park House, the venue includes the register office and is within Morden Park.  On arrival, it’s existence isn’t immediately obvious, being secluded somewhat by the modern South Thames College off the A24.  When the Georgian Grade II listed building did reveal itself to me, I found it a gem of a wedding venue and extremely photogenic.

Bride and Mum Pose with Ford Zephyr Outside Morden Park House

Bride Rachel poses with her mother with the stunning Georgian facade of Morden Park House in the background – complete with Bride and Ford Zephyr.

Bride Entering Wedding Ceremony at Morden Park House

The Bride enters the Sheridan Room with her baby daughter to meet her Groom waiting at the ‘altar’.

Bride Carrying Daughter Down the Aisle at Merton Wedding.

The Sheridan Room is very light and bright with lots of room to experiment with unusual photos like this one.

Bride Holding Baby Daughter and Walkng Down Aisle at Register Office Wedding

A moment later, I zoom in closer to take this gorgeous shot of the Bride looking into the lens. The connection between people and the photographer is always good at weddings.

The bride and groom entering the Sheridan Room for their small wedding ceremony at Morden Park House

Sometimes the bride and groom arrive together: This was one of my smallest weddings with only five guests seated out of shot on the front row.

Little girl presenting the rings at Merton wedding in Morden Park House

Despite few guests, it was no less special, and I just had to include this floral photograph: Felicite & Mike’s 5-year-old daughter was the ring bearer for their wedding, and her face here shows how important it was for her to do a good job!

The Sheridan Room: Plenty of Space for Photography


The marriage ceremonies I’ve photographed at Merton Register Office all took place in the Sheridan Room which backs out onto the park.

I immediately fell in love with the room as it had beautiful large windows and French doors on two sides, allowing the gorgeous Spring morning light to filter in.  There was also plenty of space to move around at the front, enabling me to photograph discreetly from all sides.  The room has recently undergone a facelift.  Gone are the carpet and huge window drapes.  The room now has a crisp and fresh look.

Sheridan Room Wedding from Back - Morden Park House

The Sheridan Room has recently undergone refurbishment, giving it a lovely bright and airy feel.

The bride and groom holding hands and smiling in the Sheridan Room at Morden Park House

It’s the subtle moments that make the wedding photographs: Here, the groom gives his bride a lovely natural smile, and I quickly recorded it.

Overview photograph of 5 guests in front row of Sheridan Room at a Merton wedding

From the front looking back towards the door: You can see how light and airy the Sheridan Room is.

Arrival at Merton Register Office


There is a barrier to the drive up to Morden Park House.  Taxis may have to leave you by the barrier, but wedding cars are generally let through to drive up to the house.  For guests with vehicles, Morden Park Car Park is just by the house and is exceptionally cheap at just 40p/hour.

The first port of call is usually the reception to let them know of your arrival.  Here, there is a small waiting area where guests may wait until it is time to go through for the ceremony.

Bride and daughter arrive at Merton Register Office in an Uber taxi

Bride Felicite arrived by taxi which dropped her and daughter by the entrance barrier.

The bride and her daughter walk up the driveway to Morden Park house for her wedding

This dynamic photo shows the barrier and part of their walk up to the house. Notice how green and leafy the area is.

Little girl with three lder relatives at Merton Register Office

The reception area at Merton Register Office: Time for a few natural shots of guests before the ceremony.

Little girl sitting with her Grandma at London wedding

Before the ceremony, I like to capture natural shots of guest interactions such as this lovely one of a grandmother with her granddaughter.

The Merton Registrars


The registrar’s at Merton Register Office seemed very relaxed about wedding photography; I didn’t even get the usual talk about not photographing the register signing afterwards.

I shoot in a very low-key way, and I think that registrars appreciate this approach.   It’s as essential for me to observe the sense of occasion as it is to get the shot.  OK, maybe almost as important…

Wedding Couple with Daughter at Merton Register Office

Your photographer has the luxury of moving around a lot during the ceremony. I like to take photos from various positions to capture the expressions and special moments such as this one and the next.

Wedding Ceremony with Baby Raching for Groom

The happy couple’s daughter stole the show throughout their wedding ceremony.

Groom Holding Baby and Placing Ring on Bride's Finger

The exchange of rings is a sequence of must-have shots.

Wedding Reading at Merton Register Office

In this reading shot, you can see the amount of light coming through the front French windows.

Exchange of rings at wedding in South London

The look of delight on bride Felicite’s face is unmistakable, and the Autumnal scene through the windows add colour to this portrait of the exchange of the rings.

Registrar reading the vows at a wedding in Merton, South London

It’s nice to include the registrars in some photos. They are a big part of the day and provide a good context for your wedding photography.

Bride and Groom kiss for the first time at wedding in Morden Park House

The first kiss is a very important shot, and I always ask couples to slow down at this point to enable me to capture it.

The Register Signing and Photography


The wedding registrars at Merton Register Office don’t seem to mind the photography of the signing.  However, I always ask as some, even within the same office, may have differing views on this.  In any event, they will produce a ‘dummy’ register afterwards for some posed shots complete with a flamboyant quill!

I have to say I much prefer to photograph the actual signing as this is much more natural with expressions and moments that are difficult to recreate.

Oversized quill in front of groom's face at dummy register signing

During a break in the posed register shots, I took this fun shot as the groom obscured himself with the oversized quill.

The couple's daughter signs the dummy register with a quill

Felicite and Michael’s daughter wanted to involve herself at this stage, but mum was quite concerned that she didn’t actually write.

Morden Park House Wedding Ceremony Rooms


The Sheridan Room

The smallest wedding ceremony room in the house benefits from French windows which open directly onto Morden Park.  The room seats 20 guests, but you can invite up to 30.  Recently redecorated, the room has a fresh and light feel and is perfect for photography.

The Lord Nelson Room

With its gorgeous Georgian Bay Windows and ornate crystal chandelier, this room can comfortably seat up to 40 guests.  A view of the courtyard and direct access to the magnificent staircase means this room will provide ample opportunities for your wedding photography.

The Ewart Room

For larger weddings at Morden Park House, the Ewart Room is perfect.  It is located upstairs and can seat up to 100 guests.  Merton.gov’s ceremony brochure suggests booking early as this room is very popular.  You can even book live music such as a string quartet to add to the ambience.

The Courtyard

Is a gazebo and courtyard.  Situated at the back of the venue, it is available for hire from May to September. In poor weather, the ceremony is relocated indoors at the registrars’ discretion.

Unfortunately, photography is only allowed in the Courtyard for guests using it to get married.  I asked on behalf of one couple if this would be possible and the venue was very strict about this.

Little girl with her grandfather standing in bay windows of Morden Park house, London

Another beautiful moment shared between young and old: I’ve taken many natural portraits in the Sheridan Room’s French windows.

Wedding Guests in Sheridan Room Morden Park House

I love photographs like this. If you look closely, you can see lots of things going on that aren’t at first glance apparent.

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Newly-weds Leaving Mordean Park House Wedding Venue

The newly-weds leave the ceremony room first closely followed by the guests.

The married couple pose in the hallway of Morden Park House/Merton Register Office

Often there’s time allowed for a few portraits in the hallway.

After your Ceremony…

You’ll exit the room to the ornate, marble-paved entrance hall with grand staircase, pillars and mirrors. This lends itself immediately to posed couple shots and time may be spent here.  Then I assemble the guests outside the front door ready for the couple to exit for their confetti sequence.

Wedding couple having their confetti thrown whilst leaving Morden Park House in South London

A confetti sequence can look great regardless of how many or how few guests you have throwing it. If you’re in doubt, do it!

The front of the house is beautiful, and naturally many couples choose to pose for group photos there.  How long you’ll have for confetti and posed group shots largely depends on the day of week and time of the year.  Saturdays in the summer are exceptionally busy.  However, if you are rushed, there’s the adjacent parkland where there is plenty of potential for stunning backdrops for couples wishing to incorporate it into their special day.

Confetti Being Thrown at Merton Register Office

The venue allows wedding confetti which provides a stunning sequence of photos against a beautiful backdrop.

Merton Register Office FAQs



A. The venue is set within acres of beautiful parkland close to local transport links in South London.  With its Georgian features and ornate ceremony rooms, the venue makes a beautiful backdrop for small to medium wedding ceremonies.



A. Yes, the venue is photographer friendly.  Your photographer is generally allowed to move around during the ceremony to get the best shots of your vows and rings exchange.  I always make sure I introduce myself to the registrar beforehand to reassure them that I will be discreet and observe the occasion.



A. Yes, there is access for guests with mobility problems.  There is a lift to all floors located through the back door to the reception area, and a fully accessible toilet suitable for wheelchairs.  There is step-free access to all the ceremony rooms.  Blue Badge holders only are allowed to park within the venue grounds.



A. Your guests are allowed to throw biodegradable confetti after your wedding outside the front door.  Confetti is not permitted inside the building or in the Gazebo area.  A few minutes after your ceremony is allowed for this.



A. There is an option for the drinks reception when using the outdoor gazebo for your wedding.  It is for 2 hours from the beginning of your ceremony and includes one or two drinks/person for up to 100 guests.  They charge for this in addition to your ceremony fee.

The guests throw confetti over couple outside Merton Register Office

Small wedding confetti shots work just as well. Here everyone throws themselves into it with gusto!

Newly-wedded couple holding each other outside Merton Register Office/Morden Park House

Firstly, it’s important to have portraits of you, the newly-weds outside the wedding venue: This shows the beautiful central facade up to the first-floor window that helps make Merton Register Office so memorable.

Group Family Wedding Portrait Outside Morden Park House

This photograph shows off some of the front door’s ornate architecture – what a beautiful backdrop to showcase you and your family!

The newly-weds with daughter outside Morden Park House

A smaller and closer family portrait: Children have often played a part at weddings I’ve photographed at Merton Register Office.

Family wedding portrait of couple with daughter

This is the back door which leads through to the register office reception and waiting area. Another attractive spot for portraits.

Bride and Groom Kissing During Group Shots

I love the brief moment of affection during the group portraits at Rachel and David’s sunny wedding.

Wedding party walking at the side of Morden Park House after wedding

The wedding party walk along by Morden Park House’s side at the end of their marriage celebration.

The bridal party leave Merton Register Office in the rain with their umbrellas

Don’t worry if it rains… Your day will be just as special, and the weather can add a different dimension to your photos.

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Merton Register Office (Registry) in Morden Park House.

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