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Wedding Photography at Brompton Oratory, South Kensington.


Brompton Oratory Wedding Photography - The Church and Wedding Guests from the Back

The ornate interior of Brompton Oratory: Wedding venues don’t come much grander.

One of London’s Grandest Religious Wedding Venues

Brompton Oratory is less commonly known as the Church of the Immaculate Heart of Mary or simply as the London Oratory.  This fantastic example of Italian baroque architecture is truly a sight to behold whatever name you call it.

With a rich history that stretches back to the sixteenth century, it is an inspiring place to visit and is the perfect venue for your Catholic wedding.

Before Westminster Cathedral opened in 1903, the London Oratory was the largest Catholic Church.  It still serves as a parish church for Roman Catholics and is a very special place to the Catholic community.

Walking through the doors is almost like stepping back in time

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Wedding Photographers Brompton Oratory - Interiror Shot of Groom Chatting to Guests at Wedding

This shot of the Groom chatting to guests before the ceremony shows off more of the Oratory’s ornate interior.

Brompton Oratory as a Wedding Venue

Thanks to its splendid architecture and historical beauty, it’s many happy couple’s venue of choice.  People come from all around London and further afield to marry at this magnificent church.  When you step inside for the first time, you’ll soon see why.

It still houses many beautiful Italian sculptures and outstanding examples of marble work, woodwork and mosaic art.  It’s quite simply stunning and a fantastic place to celebrate your marriage vows.

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Arrival of the Bride at Brompton Oratory

The Bride arrives in style in the forecourt outside the London Oratory.

Wedding Photography at Brompton Oratory

The Oratory offers a stunning backdrop, but this makes it harder to capture a good photograph.  There are so many angles and ways of composition to consider.

But although the glory of the Brompton Oratory is apparent, the focal point of the photographs will be you and your friends and family who have come together to celebrate your religious marriage.

Wedding photography is all about capturing the unique and personal moments between two people in love on their big day.  So, you’ll want to capture the stunning architecture of the Brompton Oratory.  It should serve as a fantastic backdrop for your wedding ceremony.  With my professional Brompton Oratory Wedding Photography service, you can be sure your photos will have a perfect balance.

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Bridal Procession Down the Aisle at Brompton Oratory

The procession down the aisle shows off some of Brompton Oratory at the Back.

Useful to Know Before Booking Your Wedding


      • Make all initial enquiries to the Priest on Duty and in person at Oratory House, Brompton Road, London, SW7 2RP.
      • One of you must be Catholic and have a reason for wanting to marry at the London Oratory.  If both spouses are Catholic, then a Nuptial Mass may be conducted in either English or Latin.
      • They do not conduct weddings on Sundays due to other religious commitments.
      • All music is provided by the Oratory’s Director of Music and played by the organist and choir.
      • The Head Sacristan is Paul Clark, who deals with all practical arrangements such as your photography and videographer requirements, flower arrangements, etc.
      • There is a significant emphasis on religion, including prayer and reflection.  The priest will guide you through this during the Marriage Preparation.

Bride Looking Thoughtful During Wedding at Brompton Oratory

Brompton Oratory encourages wedding photography which enables the photographer to capture emotive shots such as this one.

Brompton Oratory – A Potted History:


      • 1852: Fr. Frederick William Faber purchased the London Oratory site for £16,000 in the village of Brompton (now South Kensington).
      • In 1874, a fund-raising appeal was launched to raise money to build the church’s present church.
      • March 1876: Herbert Gribble submits renaissance style plans to enter a competition to design the church. He wins £200.
      • 1880: Laying of the foundation stone
      • The church is consecrated in 1884 as the Church of the Immaculate Heart of Mary (having cost £93,000) and opened a few days later by Cardinal Manning. He preaches to a congregation including 250 priests and 16 bishops.
      • £14,000 are spent on improvements including the outer dome over the next ten years.
      • Famous marriages at the London Oratory include Edward Elgar, Alfred Hitchcock and James Hunt.

Signing the Register at Brompton Oratory Wedding

The couple signs the register out of view of the congregation in a grand room at the back.

Brompton Oratory Wedding FAQs



A. You need to do no more than look through some photos of this amazing venue (see my website) to see what an incredible backdrop this would be to your wedding ceremony.  It is a truly memorable and awe-inspiring venue for your special day. However, one of you does need to be Catholic.



A. Absolutely, yes. It would be best to liaise with the Head Sacristan to discuss this, but they are generally quite relaxed about photographers’.  There are places where the photographer cannot go during the ceremony, and they should not use flash.  Otherwise, as long as your photographer is discreet, there is no problem with them moving around for the best shots.



A. Unfortunately, not…  However, bubbles can be blown by your guests outside the doors as you exit – as long as you don’t mind minor soap stains on your wedding best!  I’ve never had a couple complain about this, though, and it makes for a fantastic set of photos.



A. There are high windows throughout the building, which let in a certain amount of light.  The room where the signing takes place is darker, but your photographer should have no problem in dealing with lighting, whatever the conditions.

Bride and Groom Walk Down the Aisle at the Brompton Oratory

The walk back down the aisle is a long one for the couple but provides the chance of some great environmental shots such as this one.

Bride and Groom Exiting Brompton Oratory in London Whilst Guests Blow Bubbles

Brompton Oratory does not permit confetti. However, bubbles are a popular alternative.

The Oratory,
Brompton Road,
SW7 2RP.




The London Oratory is One of London’s Top Religious Wedding Photography Venues.

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