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Wedding Photography at Fitzrovia Chapel: A Venue in Westminster, London


Small Wedding Ceremony at the Fitzrovia Chapel in Westminster

A small wedding at Fitzrovia Chapel: This wide-angle shot shows both the dazzling opulence and the deceptively small size, seating just two guests abreast either side of the aisle.

There never was such a beautiful wedding venue that looked so out of place as the Fitzrovia Chapel.  Once standing proudly at the heart of the Middlesex Hospital, it now sits in Central London’s Pearson Square amongst modern blocks of flats, restaurants and office buildings.  Despite this, Fitzrovia is one of my favourite London wedding venues to photograph.

Bride with Father Walking Down the Aisle at a Wedding at the Fitzrovia Chapel

A shot of the Bride and her Father entering the chapel from the south end shows more of the striking architecture and decor.

Bride with Father walking through arch at Fitzrovia Chapel

A similar shot of a different bride but this time in colour: A good demonstration of how colour or black and white can change the whole feel of a photograph. I shoot many sequences through the day and edit in a combination of both.

On first walking in to Fitzrovia Chapel, I was struck by the juxtaposition between the bustling, noisy streets of the corporate world outside and the quiet (almost sacred) tranquillity and beauty of the chapel.  Its intimate grandeur and ornate decor contradict what it should be and where it is sited.  The Fitzrovia website describes it as ‘stunningly beautiful‘ and ‘glorious‘ and I would concur with this 100%.

Fitzrovia Chapel Wedding - Bride and Father From the Back with Congregation Watching

As well as photographing the bridal procession from the front, as they walk past my I turn to capture the back with the congregation and Groom waiting in the background. Every face tells a different story…

As a Wedding Venue:  Firstly, it must be stressed that the Fitzrovia is not a religious building.  It’s chapel tag is a misnomer: although it looks and feels like a religious Christian building, the chapel was never consecrated.  Therefore it is non-secular, accepting couples from all faiths and denominations, and gay wedding couples too.

Bride and Groom at Wedding Ceremony Looking at Each Other

The couple gaze lovingly at each other as the Westminster registrar conducts the official part of the ceremony…

There are three wedding packages that the chapel offers:  A Ceremony and Toast for up to 50 guests.  Traditional Ceremony for up to 60 guests.  Intimate Midweek Ceremony with Champagne for up to 15 guests.  Contact the venue on 02034 099895 to discuss more bespoke requirements.

Bride shrieks with delight as she is married

…and a few moments later they are husband and wife. The Bride can hardly contain herself in this joyful shot.  It is a great feeling as a wedding photographer to take a picture showing such emotion and fun.

As there is no facility for catering, wedding parties generally go elsewhere for the wedding breakfast.  However there is a door through to Percy & Founders Restaurant and Bar next door.

Wedding Photography at Fitzrovia Chapel:  There are no restrictions regarding photography except that public liability insurance is required.  However, it is requested that a conversation take place between the duty manager at the venue and the photographer prior to any work commencing.  As far as photographing the ceremony is concerned, I’ve always found the registrars at Westminster to be very easy going with no wedding photography restrictions either.  They also allow the signing of the register to be photographed which many do not allow.

First Kiss at Wedding Showing the Ornate Ceiling of the Fitzrovia Chapel in Balck and White

The Bride and Groom kiss for the first time as a married couple. The beautiful background makes the moment somehow even more special…

LGBT/Gay weddings and civil ceremonies are permitted at the Fitzrovia Chapel.  So if you’re a same-sex couple looking for a church-like venue you can get married in, the Chapel is gay-friendly and worth serious consideration.

Black and White Photo of Couple Kissing in front of guests at wedding

Another kissing shot but this time an impromptu one after they have walked back down the aisle. I like this as it shows their guests clearly enjoying the moment.

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Registrar presenting marriage certificate to newly-wedded couple - black and white photograph

Westminster Registrar presents the wedding certificate to the couple at the end of the ceremony.

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Wedding guests toasting the Bride and Groom at London Wedding - black and white

The Fitzrovia Chapel includes a Champagne drinks reception after the ceremony so the couple can socialise with their guests before the wedding breakfast.

Group Wedding Photo Taken at the Fitzrovia Chapel with Two Children Unwilling to Take Part

My favourite kind of group shot: I love it when there is something more going on than just posing. The children here combined with the adult reactions really make this shot.

Fitzrovia Chapel – A Potted History:


  • 1745 – The Middlesex Infirmary first opened on Windmill Street.  In 1757 it was moved to Mortimer Street where it stayed until its demolition in the 1980’s.
  • However, it wasn’t until 1891 that the chapel was designed by Victorian architect John Loughborough Pearson in an Italian Gothic Style.
  • The chapel was finished in the 1920’s by his son Frank.
  • The original hospital was demolished and rebuilt around the chapel from 1927-1929.
  • In 1929 the Fitzrovia Chapel is officially opened.
  • 1970 Grade II listed status awarded, assuring its place as an historic venue for future generations to enjoy.
  • 2005 – The Middlesex Hospital is finally closed and demolished.  Once again, the Fitzrovia Chapel stands alone on the site while developers decide what should be done with the area.
  • 2015 – The chapel reopened to the public following a £3 million restoration.

Nave of the Fitzrovia Chapel - Group Wedding Photograph

Another group shot this time in full colour: I purposefully used it to show off the brilliant architecture and golden colour of the coved ceiling.

Guest and Bride Hugging at Chapel Wedding

At the drinks reception a guest gives the Bride a congratulatory hug. I use this time to capture reportage shots such as this and the results can be striking.

Newly-weds leaving chapel door after wedding in black and white

The newly-weds leave the chapel after the reception. The doorway is deceptive as it gives no indication of the grandeur inside.

Confetti shower after wedding

The chapel doesn’t normally allow confetti, but in the case of Lindsay and Graham, they relented and let them have this beautiful moment.

Fitzrovia Chapel,
Fitzroy Place,
2 Pearson Square,
W1T 3BF.


Fitzrovia Chapel is Westminster’s Top Wedding Photography Venue.

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