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Bride rests head on groom's chest at end of the Fine Art Collection Corridor in Fulham Library

The Fine Art Collection Corridor deep within Fulham Library, presents as an unusual and stunning backdrop to those all-important wedding portraits.

Fulham Library is one of London’s more recent wedding venues only accepting bookings since 2016Grade II Listed, the library was built in 1908 at 598 Fulham Road.

With its prime location in the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham, it is conveniently situated and easy to get to for you and your guests.  Parson’s Green is the nearest underground station which is on the District Line.

This page features images from the marriage of Jenny and David whom I photographed in Autumn 2019.

Wedding Portrait of Groom holding Bride in black and white

Bride Jenny and David pose shortly after the previous photo was taken at the end of the corridor. I had to ask her to be more serious for this one and she carried it off beautifully

Bride and groom posing outside Fulham Library showing the height of the building

A portrait taken from this unusual angle shows the entire height of the ornate entrance at the front of the building. I didn’t us this one as it made the couple look exceptionally tall!

Bride arrives with bridal party on Fulham Road for wedding

The bridal party arriving on the corner of Fulham Road and Clonmel Road whilst some late guests try to discreetly sneak past.

Wide overview of wedding guests seated before the ceremony

The wedding guests seated with the groom standing at the back shortly before the bride’s entrance. This is a wide shot of the Exhibition Hall which is Fulham Library’s wedding space.

Fulham Library as a Wedding Venue

As a new venue, the library has maintained it’s original features and this makes for a fantastic experience for the bride and groom.

Wedding ceremonies are held in the Exhibition Hall on the first floor.  To get there. all the guests must pass through the Fine Art Collection Corridor (see photos at top and below).

This comprises a long hallway full of glass fronted, dark oak book shelves running the entire length from floor to ceiling.  It makes for a fabulous backdrop for the bridal party to make their entrance against.  It is also well worthwhile to spend time here with the newly-weds after their ceremony and drinks reception.

Here’s part of the sequence as the bridal party enter the Exhibition Hall:

Bride with Father waiting in the Fine Art Collection Corridor at Fulham Library

The bride waits with her father at the end of the Fine Art Collection Corridor just before entering for her marriage ceremony.

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Bridesmaid and mother of bride entering exhibition room at Fulham Library

The bridal party begin to enter the Exhibition Hall. I question the logic of placing a coat stand adjacent to the entrance door – I did this in black and white purposefully as an orange Sainsbury’s bag was not a good look! Maybe I’ll mention it on my next visit…

Entrance of the bride with father at Fulham Library

The Exhibition Hall is painted pure white which means no odd colour casts to contend with in the photo edit.

Bride and Father walking down the aisle at Fulham Library

The Fulham Library Exhibition Hall

Wedding Ceremonies are held in the Exhibition Hall which can accommodate up to 120 guests.  There were 70 guests for the wedding on this page, so at maximum capacity things may appear a little less spacious.  However, I found there to be lots of room to move around particularly at the front where I was able to change position to get the best ceremony portraits.

The room has white painted wooden panelling which is great for natural photography.

The room immediately struck me as having the appearance of an overlarge attic room.  This is only apparent in the photos when taking a wide-angle shot of the whole room.  I loved the character and structure of the hall.

Bride and Groom looking at each other at Fulham Library wedding

As bride Jenny reaches the ‘altar’, she and her groom see each other for the first time.

Wedding ceremony from the back of the Exhibition Hall in Fulham Library

Another view of the Exhibition Hall. Shot from the back, this shows the front where the Hammersmith and Fulham registrars conduct the ceremony.

Bride and Groom getting married at Fulham Library

I like to move discretely during the ceremony to take shots from various different angles and perspectives. The ‘clean’ look of the Exhibition Hall enables me to take a nice distraction-free shot of the couple from the back.

Happy couple turning to look at guests during wedding ceremony

“If any person present knows of any lawful impediment…” The couple usually turn to look at their guests at this point (sometimes appearing slightly worried!) and I’m ready to capture the moment.

Female guest does reading at wedding in Fulham Library

Readings by family and friends are a popular way to personalise your wedding and to lengthen the ceremony a little.

Wedding Couple Holding Hands During Ceremony

Although I do move around, I’ve never had a couple complain that I was distracting. At this point, you’ll only have eyes for each other…

Bride and Groom holding hands with guests in background at Fulham Library wedding

A few seconds after the last shot and this one shows off some more of the upper part of the room.

Ring Bearer Watches Couple's Exchange of Rings at Fulham Library

The all important exchange of rings – the H&F registrars are very amenable to photography with few restrictions.

Bride watches groom intently as she places the ring on his finger

I love the eye contact from Jenny here as she places the rings onto David’s finger.

Couple gazing at each other following exchange of rings at Fulham Library

It’s intimate moments like this that make me love what I do…

Newly-weds clapping after wedding vows at Fulham Library

Their moment of marriage is enhanced pictured with family and friends in the background…

First Kiss at Fulham Library Wedding

The first kiss: I ask couples to try to remember to slow down for this shot as sometimes it can be all too fleeting.

Signing the Register – Hammersmith & Fulham Rules

The registrars introduced themselves to me as being the ‘nice’ borough registrars.  And I must say they were an absolute pleasure to work with.  They have no rules and are happy for the photographer to move at will to take the required shots.  They even offered to move out of the way to enable me to get a ‘clean’ shot of the couple.

A witness signs the register as the registrar shakes hands with the groom at Fulham Library wedding

The Hammersmith and Fulham registrars really care about making the day special for the couple. They are friendly, happy and amenable throughout as in this photo taken as a witness signs.

So, regarding the actual signing, I’m happy to say that there are no restrictions there either.  Obviously they expect the photographer to exercise common sense.

The register is a legally binding document (it says so in the vows) and as such should be treated with respect.  This includes discretion and tact when photographing the signing.

There is also the grey area of data protection, so it is best not to get too close during this time.  However, the fact that they let me shoot the signing at all is much appreciated and better than just having a ‘dummy’ register set up.

Bride nuzzles groom as witness signs the register

I’m always on the lookout for moments of love and affection such as this. It’s a really nice, contextual image of how things actually were at that moment.

Wedding Bookings at Fulham Library

Useful to Know When Booking Your Wedding:

        • Bookings are taken for weddings on any day of the week.
        • The London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham registrars can be contacted by phone on 020 8753 3877 or emailed at to discuss your ceremony.
        • Bookings cost £350 (Mon-Thu), £450 (Fri) & £550 (Sat-Sun).
        • A £100 deposit is required to secure the booking.
        • A drinks reception may be added after the ceremony if required.
        • Parson’s Green is the Nearest tube station which is on the District Line.
        • There is time allowed for up to two readings from family and/or friends.

Newly-weds walk down the aisle at Fulham Library after their ceremony

Wedding Congratulations, Drinks & Group Shots

Below is a selection of congratulations photos which demonstrate the relationships between the couple and the guests well.  Fulham Library offers lots of space for me to move around to grab a variety of these shots.

The venue puts on a drink’s reception for about an hour after the ceremony.  This is a great way for everyone to mingle and enjoy the setting and ambiance before moving on elsewhere for the wedding breakfast and after celebrations.

Guests hug the bride and groom at wedding in Fulham Library

I love to capture both bride and groom hugging simultaneously. Often they are separate when they meet and greet the guests but it’s great when they’re together like in this one.

Female friend hugs bride after wedding ceremony

This guest was the person who introduced the couple to each other. It’s worth finding things like this out, so I know who to prioritise for shots like this.

Bride and friend hug after wedding in London

The white walls at Fulham Library enable me to use bounce flash to good effect without fear of awkward colour casts in the photos.

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Groom hugs guest after marriage ceremony

I think the chap on the right was trying to keep out of the photo, however, he didn’t bank on my use of wide-angle lens.

Brother of bride hugs her whilst another couple kiss

The bride is congratulated with a hug from her brother. However it’s the couple on the right having a cheeky kiss that makes the photo more striking.

Bride wipes away father's tear at wedding in Fulham

During the drink’s reception, the bride and her father share a moment, and she wipes away a tear from his cheek.

Older man at wedding wearing blue lady's hat at wedding

There’s always one: I love daft moments at weddings and this chap was happy to send himself up.

Entire wedding party posed for photo at Fulham Library wedding

I stood on a chair to take this group shot of the whole wedding party. The Exhibition Hall at Fulham Library provides ample space for this shot.

During the drink’s is an ideal time to take any portrait shots that the couple need. I do this at the front end of the hall by clearing some chairs back. An usher who knows most of the guests is useful to give me a hand ‘ushering’ people as I needed them.

Couple with their parents posing for photograph at Fulham Library

A smaller group shot of the couple with their parents. Incidentally, the door on the right had a ‘Fire Exit’ sign above it. I removed it where possible for aesthetics.

Bride and bridesmaids posing for wedding portrait

The bridesmaids all looked pretty as a picture as they posed with the bride.

Guests holding bride in wedding at Fulham Library

Sometimes group shots are quite serious and staged, so it’s good to mix things up a bit. I took a sequence of these guys lifting the bride.

Couples Portraits at Fulham Library

As the wedding party make their way downstairs, I take the opportunity to steal the couple away for some portrait shots of them together.  There are a couple of examples at the top of the page but I also include some below to show off more of the fantastic Fulham Library wedding venue.

These portraits also neatly coincide with the couple’s exit through the building to the outside world.  It’s a sequence which I also photograph.

Bride and Groom pose in the Fine Art Collection Corridor at Fulham Library

Placing the couple at the bottom right of the frame allows a wider shot show more of the book display cabinets.

Fulham Library Wedding FAQs



A.  The venue with its main hall is very distinctive, spacious, light and aesthetically pleasing.  The staff are friendly and attentive and keen to give you the best wedding day experience.



A.  You generally have about 30-40 minutes for your guests to arrive and be seated.  It’s totally up to you how you arrive – whether together or separately as is traditional.  The groom generally joins the guests before the bride enters.  the photographer should arrive around this time to take some scene-setting shots of the arrivals.



A.  Yes, of course.  The registrars are relaxed and happy for photography throughout the vows, exchange of rings and the register signing.



A.  Biodegradable confetti or bubbles are allowed outside the venue.  the council are very strict about the biodegradable aspect and rightly so.  No confetti cannons, rice or plastic confetti is allowed.



A.  The library corridor and stairs are dim, but the all important main hall has good natural light during daylight hours.  But whatever the light, a good photographer will have no problem in dealing with it and taking a fantastic set of photos to tell the story of your day.

Bride leaves no. 598 Central Library Fulham after wedding ceremony

Freshly married and the bride walks ahead of her new husband as they exit to the outside world.

Groom punches the air as he leaves Fulham Library behind bride

A nice touch: David punches the air as he appears behind Jenny at the entrance doorway to Fulham Library.

Portrait of Bride and Groom kissing outside Fulham Library

And finally: A nice standard kissing shot of the couple on the steps of the fabulous Fulham Library.

598 Fulham Road,
SW6 5NX.

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